12 Signs He'll Give You An Orgasm

No. 3 is honestly a sure-fire way to tell.

1. Every time you ask him to do something differently, he's like, "Sure thing" and then does it perfectly from then on. 

 So when it's time for sex stuff to happen and you're like, "Hey, can you focus on my clit, but start off gently?", it's very likely he won't be like, "Got it!" and suck on it like it's a Blow Pop and he really wants that gum. 

2. When he kisses you, he doesn't jump down your throat like he's a 13-year-old boy and you are the first woman he's ever met. 

 Granted, everyone is allowed the super intense makeout session, but it's always a great sign when he at least occasionally kisses you slowly and deeply and really takes his time enjoying what's going on. Particularly because that's going to come in handy when you feel like you're taking forever to come. 

3. You never wonder whether or not he thinks you're hot. 

 We've all had that boyfriend where we're like, "I know he must think I'm hot because he's trying to sleep with me, but also he's never told me I'm pretty and what if he just wants to sleep with someone?" So when it comes time to hook up with that guy, you feel all weird about your body because you have no idea if he's even hyped about you (and duh, it can be really hard to have an orgasm when you're nervous as hell that he doesn't even like you). On the flip side, if he makes you feel like Beyoncé circa Beyoncé every single day, you'll feel way more comfortable trying different positions and not worrying about whether or not your vulva is cute (because it is). 

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4. You feel comfortable being your grossest in front of him. 

 If you know you can eat like a monster or go a few days without shaving and he won't care, odds are that even if your vagina does smell a little differently than usual (which is still not necessarily a bad thing), he's not going to care. And feeling like he loves the way you smell and taste all the time will make you that much more able to chill the hell out when you're about to have an A+ orgasm. 

5. Every time you've told him something that was super hard for you to tell him, he's reacted like the main character in a Nicholas Sparks book. 

Similarly, being able to tell your guy, "That hurts," or, "That's just not going to work for me," and have him be like, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Let me try this," while he looks up at you with his pretty Noah-from-The Notebook eyes is pure gold. 

6. Whenever you tell him to stop doing something dumb that annoys the shit out of you, he stops doing it that literal second and doesn't do it again. 

If your boyfriend is all about your boundaries (see: doesn't keep doing something you told him to stop doing for another few minutes because "What, babe? It's funny.") in general, you'll feel a lot better having sex with him because you know you can tell him to stop at any time and he'll listen. And if he doesn't do this, leave and block him on your phone. I am not joking. 

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7. He's a confident dude (as far as you know). 

No one's perfect and everyone has some weird part of their body they feel looks like a pile of dog crap attached to them, but if he's generally pretty confident in himself and in your relationship, he's not going to feel weird about doing anything in bed, which will in turn give you the same peace to go confidently in pursuit of that orgasm. 

8. He remembers things you were nervous about and asks you how they went. 

Guys who remember general life things that make you feel uncomfortable or nervous, and will follow up on them, are probably the same guys who won't do that thing you seemed to be freaked out by one time because spoiler: Good dudes don't want you to be freaked out during sex. 

9. He surprises you with little presents you never would've expected to get, yet they're totally freaking perfect for you. 

Translation: He might do the same and surprise you with a technique you never thought would get you off but definitely, definitely did and WOW. 

10. When you guys dance together, it's basically like an outtake from Step Up 2: The Streets

It's a cliche for a reason, but a guy who not only knows how to move his own body but knows how to move it in sync with yours will definitely retain that ability when you're doin' it. Praise hands. 

11. Whenever he listens to you, he maintains deep, kind of intense eye contact because he likes being as connected to you as possible. 

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It's basically like he's cuddling you with his eyes because it's not appropriate to cuddle you at all times. However, when it is appropriate…

12. His favorite cuddling position is "all up in yo' shit." 

If a guy is interested in touching every possible inch of you while you're wearing your holey pambahay with ketchup on the left sleeve, odds are he'll be interested in doing just as much (if not more) when you're naked, making the odds of you having an orgasm increase by 1000 percent. Which is a very good percentage. 


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors. 

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