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12 Signs He Wants To Be More Than Friends

You flirt like crazy.

1. He finds excuses to make plans that involve just the two of you. 

It's great to have good friends you can relax with. But if it feels as though group hangouts or dinners always have last-minute cancellations, there's a good chance he doesn't really bother to confirm with anyone other than you.

2. He tends to hang around late or crash at your place a lot. 

Is it really that late at night? Does he really live that far? Is your couch really that comfortable? Or is he hoping you'll offer to share your bed?

3. He brings you around his family. 

And they're always making jokes like, "Kayo ba?" And he laughs it off, but he never corrects them or tells them to shut up.

4. You've been his date to weddings. 

Always. Even weddings in Tagaytay. And you wind up sharing a room. The whole thing feels pretty romantic, especially after a few Champagne toasts.


5. You two have had some pretty romantic hangouts. 

Friends don't ever have dinner at a fancy place together. Ever. This is a rule. But Frank, surely sometimes it's OK, you might be thinking. No. Zero exceptions. Listen to me: Zero fucking exceptions for fancy dinners.

6. You've also had some close calls. 

You've almost hooked up before, after a drunken night of shots at the bar. You've almost kissed or you actually did kiss, and the next day you both agreed it was weird. But he only agreed after you brought it up. It almost seemed like he was waiting to hear what you thought first.

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7. You're cuddle buddies. 

Come on.

8. You flirt like crazy, but he seems to initiate it a lot. 

You might think it's harmless fun, but maybe he doesn't. A joking game of grab-ass or some sexual innuendo might be a way to release some real sexual tension.

9. He really, really goes out of his way to help you out. 


Hopefully, he's just nice to you because he's nice to you, and not because he's banking favors until he can cash them in for an awkward hand job or something. But if he's picking you up at 3 a.m. when you're an hour away, he cares for you deeply. Most people would pretend their phone was off and they never got your message.

10. He's never interested in other people. 

You try to set him up with friends, but he always brushes it off or finds weird, superficial reasons they wouldn't work well together.

11. He's gotten jealous of your boyfriends before. 

You'd think they'd get along so well because they're so similar and...oh. They're really similar. Like, almost the same. He probably feels like, why wouldn't you just date him?

12. He's really opened up to you emotionally. 

This doesn't mean anything on its own, but if he's really trusting and confiding in you, he sees your relationship as deeply emotional and maybe he wants to explore that further. You might just be a friend he trusts or he might have subconsciously made you a girlfriend surrogate.


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