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12 Signs You're Dating A Tito

A typical conversation would go like this: 'Babe, do you want to go to Valk with me?' 'Magkakasakit ako 'nun.'

1. The only kind of beer he insists on drinking is Pale Pilsen. No more Red Horse for walwal nights for your beau. And the two-bottle rule now applies, anything more than that means a really bad hangover the next day. "May office pa ako eh!" he says.

2. When you guys go shopping, he patiently waits for you outside, holding your recently purchased goods. Or he’s standing outside the nearest appliance shop, watching the live basketball match or a boxing game for free.

3. Also, his fave place in the universe is the hardware store. He likes shopping for tools, spare parts, and electrical wiring. Go figure!

4. When the barkada goes out for videoke, his go-to artist is Ric Segreto. Or Rodel Naval. Or Basil Valdez. Google them now. You won’t regret it.

5. When he sits down in front of the TV, he lets his dadbod belly hang out and rubs it unconsciously. Sooooooo attractive!

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6. He doesn’t want to accompany you to Valk for a night of dancing. Not just because he totally feels like a dinosaur when he’s there, but because the music is too “tugs tugs” and hindi na kaya ng tuhod niya. #tanders

7. He enjoys going to his barber. It’s not because he wants to get a haircut and a shave, it’s to ask for life advice and bitch about work problems aka his version of nag-chi-chikahan.

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8. He likes to tell really corny tito jokes that no one gets…except his fellow titos.

Him: “Ano ang tawag sa kambing na maliit?”

You: “Ano?”

Him: “Eh di kapirang-goat!”


9. He enjoys receiving socks, ties, and underwear on special occasions. They’re the best gifts in the world…said your boyfriend. "Ang useful kaya! At least I don't have to buy!"

10. He wears white socks under his mandals. And, naka-cargo shorts pa siya. Awww yeah, ceritifed tito japorms!

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11. He actually has nephews and nieces that he likes to spoil. Meaning he’s a totes legit tito.

12. You’re kind of a tita yourself. You know, you like to drag him with you to S&R on Sundays, he’s bored to death by your constant dinner parties, and he always gifts you Longchamp bags. #SoulMates