12 Songs For Your Valentine's Date Night Playlist

From the pre-date kilig to the post-booty bliss, we've got your soundtrack covered.

While daydreaming about your date, play: “Love” by Matt White.

You’ve been looking forward to Valentine’s Day all week as you languished in your office cube. Now, the day has finally arrived. YOUR HEART—AND BODY—ARE READY.

While getting dolled up for your date, play: “The Fall” by Rhye.

Put on this smooth, sexy number by the Canadian/Danish duo as you slather every inch of your skin with body butter. And don’t forget to wear those racy panties with the peek-a-boo panels.

When he picks you up looking all dapper, play: “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles.

As you lay eyes on the vision in front of you—who even bought a new shirt just for your date—you remember why you chose him, and your ovaries explode accordingly.

As you stare into each other’s eyes, play: “Just Like Heaven” by Katie Melua.

With your blissful smiles and the crazy amount of eye contact you make, you put other couples to shame. This saccharine cover of the Cure original seems apt.

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When your honey does something you find adorable, play: “My Favourite Book” by Stars.

He tells a dumb joke you’ve heard 99 times before, and you still laugh as if it were the first time. Like this song by the Canadian band says, your honey’s so familiar to you, he’s your “favorite book.” (AWW.)

As you drive home from dinner, both lost in your own thoughts, play: “Magic” by Coldplay.

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During a comfortable silence, you both think the same thing: how lucky you are to have found each other. (Also, was that meal overpriced or what? You’re never going back to that restaurant again.)

When you’re feeling a little playful, play: “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green.

When you get home, pour yourselves some wine, put on this classic soul track, pull your honey close to you, and gently sway as one.

For some tender loving MOMOL, play: “At Your Best (You Are Love)” by Aaliyah.

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This Isley Brothers original gets a silky, sensual update from the R&B singer—a fitting prelude to what’s coming up next.

As things get hot and heavy, play: “Crazy in Love (2014 Remix)” by Beyonce.

This remix off the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack is JUST BEGGING FOR ACTION. Go on, make Ana and Christian proud.

While basking in post-booty bliss, play: “Come Find Me” by Emile Haynie feat. Lykke Li and Romy.

Sparse, breathy vocals by Lykke Li make this song the perfect track as you both catch your breath.

During your late-night cuddling, play: “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Ingrid Michaelson.

While nestled in his loving arms with Ingrid crooning this Elvis ballad in the background, go ahead and whisper all those sweet nothings you know he loves to hear. Quick, before he falls asleep on you.

When he passes out on the bed and you’re still up, play: “The Moon Song” by Karen O.

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As you stare at your sleeping, snoring sweetheart beside you, savor the moment. Not everyone is lucky enough to have been wined, dined, and bedded by the man they love—and who loves them back—on Valentine’s Day. (Although that meal really was overpriced. You’re never going back to that restaurant again.)

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