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12 Struggles Of Getting Back In The Dating Game After A Breakup

How does this flirting thing work again?

Viewing every guy you meet as a romantic prospect—yet not knowing what to do about it.

Okay, so there are two guys I’ve been eyeing at this party. One’s the geeky-looking guy with the nice laugh and the other’s the cutie with the Alden Richards dimples. Sooo…what now? *cricket sounds*

Getting the hang of flirting again.

Ugh. Just hearing myself giggle while talking to Alden Richards over here makes me want to throw up.

Putting in more effort to look good. Just in case.
Of course I want to look good for myself and not for anyone else. But let me just swipe on that extra coat of lippie for, um, good luck.

Now being on the receiving end of clichéd love advice.
Like “just put yourself out there.” Or “be open-minded.” But hey, I said the same things to my friends when I was in a relationship and they were single, so I can’t really blame them for giving me all this BS now.

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Having your friends set you up with strangers who are “sobrang okay, promise.”
Do my friends even know who I am? Why are they trying to set me up with a guy who’s, like, the polar opposite of me? He doesn’t even look like he would laugh at my jokes. He doesn’t even look like he knows what a joke is.

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That actual first date with a guy who’s not your ex.
I let someone else pick me up! And take me to a nice place! And pay for dinner! And take me home! IT KINDA FELT LIKE CHEATING.

Trying not to talk about the breakup with a new guy—and failing.
He should probably know that I just got out of a relationship, right? But I don’t want to share too much. The last time I did that, I never heard from the dude again.

Forcing yourself to give a new guy a chance.
I am going to “put myself out there” and be more “open-minded” so this guy and I can at least have a good time on our date. *An hour later*I am going to get myself drunk so I can distract myself from the fact that animals on the Discovery Channel have more chemistry than we do.

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Wondering if you should finally cave and join an online dating network.
I’ve never created a Tinder profile because I’ve been one-half of a smug couple for the past three years. I shudder to think what Pandora's box awaits me there. What if I see Jason there?! (You think I should I swipe right?)

Dealing with moments of utter hopelessness.
It's hard to feel hopeful about meeting someone new when the few times I’ve tried haven’t amounted to anything. All these failed attempts just make me miss Jason and remind me how being with him felt like…home. *looks out the window and into the night sky*

Not being sure if you're even over your ex.
But I am over Jason. I AM! WATCH ME!

Sucking it up and just vowing to put your best foot forward on every date.
I’m offering myself up to someone else’s scrutiny, so only the good stuff will have to come out for now. I have to keep my passive aggressive behaviors and my tendency to whine in check, and only time will tell if he and I will ever reach a stage where I’ll be comfortable enough to fart around him. (That’s actually what I meant when I said that being with Jason felt like…home. *looks out the window and into the night sky*)

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