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12 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone Who Lives At Home

It's not that bad.

1. Don't jump to conclusions about why they still live at home. 

 They might still be hanging out with roommates that happened to also birth them, but not always for the reason you think. They could have a great job and just be saving up so they can buy a place, not rent.

2. It doesn't mean they want to stay there forever. 

It's not like they love being there or that something's wrong with them for being there. They probably want to move out as soon as circumstances allow.

3. They're not a basement-dwelling weirdo. 

Well, they might be, but they're not usually a basement-dwelling weirdo. Plenty of young people are living at home.

4. They could be taking care of a sick family member. 

You might be dating the kindest person on the planet who stayed home to help an ailing parent around the house. Consider that before you dump them because you think it's weird.


5. Hanging out at their house might not be as bad as it sounds. 

They could live on their own floor or have cool parents who aren't going to pop into their room with a question about email every two seconds. You can still make out on the couch, relax.

6. But there's always your place. 

Worst case, have them over if you need some privacy. To be clear, we're talking about when you want to have sex without stopping every 30 seconds to ask if you're being too loud.

7. Also, quiet sex can be hot. 

It might be annoying having to sneak around his parents, but it could also be a bit exciting, like you're back in high school. Remember how erotic high school was? No? No one? *Chiiirrrrrppp.*

8. Family is important to them. 

Yes, they get annoyed when their mom wants them to take out the recycling right before your date, but they care about family more than anyone you've dated.

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9. But they're not going to turn "Family Board Game Night" into a date. 

At this point, they're probably pretty independent and off doing their own things. It's not like going over to hang out means you're going to have to spend three hours watching The Sound of Music with their family.

10. They're not necessarily a scrub. 

Not only bums live at home. Bankers also sometimes live at home. And geniuses who are starting their own businesses. And people getting their Ph.D.s.

11. They might not admit to it right away.

There's still a taboo around living with your parents after college. Don't take it personally if they dodge the question (or even lie about it) at first. Make them feel comfortable enough to tell you.

12. They will always be excited to take you on a date. 

Anything to get out of the house.

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