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12 Ways To Know The Relationship Won't Last

Some were just headed to a dead end to begin with.

1. You can’t openly talk to each other. There seems to be some kind of wall between you that prevents you from candidly sharing your thoughts and feelings. You’re not quite sure what’s making you keep things to yourself, or you might know exactly what it is. Either way, you’re guarded to a fault and it’s taking a toll on your relationship.

2. You feel like you have to be someone else. You may feel like you’re not good enough for him; it could be because he still entertains his ex or other girls even when he knows all this makes you very, very uncomfortable. Or you could just be really insecure for no particular external reason—if this is the case, your guy should at least be helping you help yourself, not letting you wish you were someone else. Honestly, if you can’t be yourself with someone, there’s no point in being with him.

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3. Sex feels empty. It can feel like a chore: it’s boring and emotionally draining. Or has just become utterly meaningless that you just lie there feeling nothing and thinking about what’s been lost.

4. Or you’ve stopped having sex. You guys now feel strange and awkward about taking your clothes off. It could be because the sex never pleased any of you or both of you just lost the yearning for it—at least to do it with each other.

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5. Your eyes wander. Look who’s on the prowl. You can’t stop glancing at the guys who pass you by everyday and wondering if you'd be happier if you dated them instead.

6. You’re always fighting, and the fights are always bad. Ask couples who fight all the frickin time if they’re happy, really happy, and chances are they’d say they’re not. Constant fighting makes the relationship feel toxic, and that’s grounds for a shapeup or a breakup.

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7. You guys are the on-again off-again couple. If you guys can’t talk about how to solve the reason behind the ons and offs, one day one of you will grow tired of the instability or will wish to be in a more settled relationship.

8. Either of you (or both) don’t believe in staying with one person for the rest of your lives. If it’s clear that you are each other’s Right Nows, then at least there wouldn’t be hard feelings when you go your separate ways. But if one is really committed for life and the other is just there for the time being, the former will get the bad end of the breakup.

9. You don’t even talk about your future together. The future is a touchy topic for many couples, because timing can be tricky—you don’t want to be too fast and scare the other person away. But if you’ve been together for years and still can’t discuss the future, there might just not be one. Plans do have to be made and aligned.

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10. You’re not affectionate. The physical aspect of a relationship is important, especially if you or your partner feel love the most when touched, embraced, or kissed. But if either of you can’t even physically reach out to each other and express love or desire, one of you is bound to feel lonely and unloved.

11. You feel obligated to ask him how he is and how his day went. If the only thing that’s making you do so much as to check up on or reach out to him is being his girlfriend, you might not be one for long. You’ve lost interest in him.

12. One of you cheated on the other. Well, the act of cheating pretty much says how unsatisfied one is with the partner and how he lost respect for you and the relationship. On the plus side: This makes it clear that you both are better off with someone else.

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