13 Reasons Why You Should Date A Dog Lover

You guys can take cute Instagram photos with your furry friends.

1.  He has an innate love for animals. This means that he’s thoughtful towards this planet’s other creatures. Awww!
2. Caring for something other than himself is a top priority of his. Owning a pet dog entails a lot of responsibility. Even if feeding, bathing, and sheltering his fur baby takes up a lot of his time and space, you’ll still see that he values the friendship his pup provides.
3. You guys can take cute Instagram photos with your furry friends. No more going through the hassle of looking for quirky props to rake in the likes. Just snap a sweet photo of his canine companion and add the hashtag #dogstagram to send good vibes to your IG public.  

If you two are preparing for a family, having a puppy is good training. Of course, it’s no human baby, but having to clean up pup poop will hone your skills for dirty diapers!

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5. His bark is just as ferocious as his bite. Dog-loving guys, just like their pets, can provide selfless love when you’re down in the dumps and protection from harm when you need it.

6. Say hello to your new protector. Earn the trust of his dog and you’ll have your own personal bodyguard to ward of lurkers and men with bad intentions.
7. When you’re not around, at least you know he’s still in good company. Dogs are great at comforting people who feel alone. Him having one around would be the perfect antidote for when you guys aren’t together.  
8. Doggies are the best at promoting an active lifestyle. Put on your running shoes and take that mutt to the park for a jog. You’ll be surprised at how much fun this healthy activity will make you feel.
9. Having a dog fosters loyalty, patience, and selflessness. Having a dog can also be annoying and tiring, but the 24/7 cuteness makes up for it. <3

Free hugs will always be available! Your boyfriend doesn’t want to cuddle? Screw him! His fluffy dog is a better alternative.

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11. Your man can't cook? His Labrador Retriever doesn't think so. If you’re afraid and embarrassed to tell your beau that his culinary skills aren’t on fleek, just toss some scraps to the canine in waiting. He’d be more than happy to help you with your unwanted meals, provided that they're actually edible.

12. You and your guy can actually be more social. Forget lazy nights binging on old TV shows; meet other dog lovers by leashing that smiley bundle of hair and taking him out for a stroll.

13. You’ll have a new unbiased, loving, and cuddly best friend. And in the end, isn’t that even better than a boyfriend?

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