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13 Reasons Why You Should Date A Guy Who Loves The Beach

We can be your boyfographer.

1. Most of us are chill AF! All we really need is sun, sand, and sea to prolong those happy pill vibes. Trust that this cowboy attitude will easily rub off on you.

2. We can be your boyfographer. Now you have a lensman for those pristine sunset-fun-set photo-ops, where you gaze into the open ocean to tease your city-dwelling Instagram friends.

3. UV rays don’t scare us. Aren’t you all sick of men who are fairer than you? You know, those who need to apply four kinds of facial products before leaving the house? We welcome the harsh, warm beams of the sun. And we won’t fight you for the mirror. 

4. We’re open to the possibility of skinny-dipping. Under the guise of darkness and the moonlight, of course. It’s just sexier that way.

5. Escapism is our forte. Whether it’s getting on a surfboard to slash through thick waves, or simply hanging by the shore to knock back cold beers, beach bums embody rest and relaxation unlike any other.

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6. We can help you conquer your fear of the deep blue sea. If you’re afraid of sharks, jellyfish, or sea urchins, a beach-lover won’t allow you to passively sit pretty on your sarong. He’ll encourage you to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature’s bathtub. Who doesn’t want to experience the majesty of coral reefs, sea horses, and beautiful fishes anyway?  

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7. Spontaneity fuels our actions. Guys who love the beach usually aren’t shackled by schedules and overbearing responsibilities. With that in mind, imagine being whisked off to a seaside resort when you least expect it. Surprise, babe!

8. So you can have an instant travel buddy. Forget backpacking to exotic paradises alone. With a beach-lover for a lover, you'll have a default companion to all the sweet destinations you’ve dreamt of going to.

9. We’re very much into bikinis. We won’t mind if you show off all the itsy-bitsy, skin-baring swimsuits you purchased online. We really, really, really won’t.

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10. Swimming, to us, comes naturally. Prepare your best damsel in distress impersonation. Then we can save you, haul you out of the water, and pretend to know the proper way to do CPR.

 11. You’ll have a personal masseuse to rub tanning oil all over your bod. Again, we really, really, really won't mind.

12. We’re a welcome distraction from the city’s daily grind. Insane traffic, rude pedestrians, and the solidarity of an office cubicle are just some of the things you wouldn’t find at an immaculate beach. What the beach boy can provide instead: BBQ on the grill, water sports, and a whole lot of doing nothing.

13. You can cross out “sex on the beach” from your bucket list. Just make sure that you avoid getting sand in all those sensitive nooks and crannies. 

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