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13 Reasons Why You Should Date A Tattooed Guy

Our ink makes us inherent storytellers.

1. We’ve got a killer threshold for pain.
Of course women still win this battle, the miracle of childbirth trumping any sort of experience with a needle. But no matter how much you pinch us or jump all over us, we’re not going to complain. Let’s also wink at the fact that this tolerance can extend to the bedroom.

2. Most of us are sensitive, artistic types.
Not that tattoos are sorely reserved for “artists,” but there’s a huge amount of catharsis that comes with scarring yourself in the name of a visual expression.

3. We’re great at taking on the role of conversation icebreaker.
Tattoos are the perfect tool for getting a conversation started. Should you and your tattooed beau find yourselves in the midst of an awkward social gathering, you can count on someone paying attention to his exposed body ink to help kick-start some form of dialogue.

4. Our ink makes us inherent storytellers.
Tattoos are a form of self-expression for the individual. Not only do they clue in other parties on the wearer’s interests and tastes, but also as mentioned in the item above, most tattoos carry a story for the person who got them. Think of inked-out guys as a walking, talking illustrated storybook.

5. Most of us have the extra motivation to stay fit.
Let’s face it, when you have tattoos, you don’t want them morphing into some weird blob of color should you gain that unwanted, unnecessary poundage. That’s why tattoo placement should be strategic: you want them in locations on your body that don’t succumb to skin’s ability to stretch. And when that sparrow he got last summer starts looking like an eagle with an eating problem, then he knows it’s time to lay off those extra large fries.


6. We (literally) wear our creativity on our sleeves.
Tattoos should be a collaborative effort between artist and client. Successful sessions usually come about when the artist takes the time to conceptualize the piece with the person getting it. A man’s ink can be a measure of his taste and personality. Does his penchant for skulls and crossbones signal a morbid interest for the darker things in life? Or are his tats colorful and vibrant, just like his everyday outlook? Tattoos, in women parlance, are daily accessories you can’t leave home without. So, in essence, they are a part of his personal aesthetic.

7. Adventure is our middle name.
Tattoos have always been associated with counterculture. They’re rebellious. They’re punk rock. That being said, it’s rare that you’d find a tattooed guy who is afraid of going beyond his comfort zone. If he can endure three to six hours being grated on by a needle, you can be sure as hell he’d be down for things that push his nerves and test his limits.

8. Our intimidating exterior can easily ward off dudes on the prowl.
Tats used to have a bad rep as they were once associated with criminals and lowlifes. Although those days and medieval opinions are slowly disappearing, you can still take advantage of it. Think of us as your personal bodyguards, someone to protect you from vanilla men with bad intentions. 

9. Memories are important to us.
The significance of tattoos can vary from as whimsical as remembering a rad vacation to running as deep as getting a loved one memorialized.

10. We’re good art appreciation and reading material when we’re asleep.
Bored while your guy takes an afternoon nap? Well, you can choose to read through the profound quotes he’s got inked on his body or take a museum like tour of all the body art he has waiting to be explored. Sound sexy? It’s supposed to be. Just pray he doesn’t have some Nicholas Sparks hugot line strewn across his arm.

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11. You can use us to get back at your ultra-conservative parents.
Nothing irks a pair of super-religious, frequently rigid, always judgmental parents than a boyfriend who looks like a delinquent, but has a heart of gold. His exterior may initially piss off dad, and his full-sleeves might rub mom the wrong way, but once his personality reveals the meaningful reasons behind his body art, the parental units will want their own tattoos in no time. 

12. If you’ve wanted one, he’ll gladly be your gateway.
Not only will he bring you to the ideal shop, introduce you to a passionate artist, and help you in your research, he’ll also be there to hold your hand through the painful process. Warning CGs: Never believe anyone when they tell you that getting a tattoo doesn’t hurt. Just like any real relationship, they’re never painless.

13. We’re committed.
Tattoos have always been a symbol of permanence, a vestige of dedication to a specific design that will be worn for eternity. And, in the end, isn’t that what we all want and look for in a partner?

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