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13 Signs Your Sex Life Could Be Better

You can't wait for it all to be over.

1. For some reason you don't tell your partner how to pleasure you.

He ends up doing what he thinks will be great for you and you're stuck having to deal with him. What's keeping you from telling him about the rhythm and position you want?

2. Your partner doesn't listen to you.

He does whatever he wants regardless of what you tell him to do or not do. You'll need to sit him down some other time to confront him. And if he's just a fubu, well, you might want to try finding another one.

3. There's no foreplay when you want/need it.

That means you're not as aroused as you'd like to be, which bothers you and further kills the mood. You're also not wet, so obviously it hurts when he pokes you down there. Does your partner know how great foreplay is?!

4. You don't feel sexy.

When you figure out why you don't, confront it. Feeling sexy is essential for a fun romp. For all you know, it's all in your head. The thing is, the more you feel unsexy, all the more your appeal and attitude towards sex will drop.

5. You're too self-conscious for dirty talk.

Talking dirty is hard. You have to put yourself into some kind of mode so you stop thinking of how cliche and funny you and your partner sound. But it's so hard to stay in that mode! Best to really have fun with it. When you and your partner are so serious, you're bound to take things literally, and when he says something you don't like, the mood's gone before you know it.

6. You're upset about not having an orgasm.

The more you pressure yourself into getting one, the more it'll elude you. You need to be relaxed and you need to enjoy the sex in order to climax. It'll help to practice on yourself to know just how you'll get one.

7. You and your partner have opposing kinks.

If neither of you want to try the other's kink, that should be respected. If your kink matters so much to you (which is fine and well as long as it's not illegal or dehumanizing), you can always find a partner who's got it too. But if it's something you can definitely live without with no problem whatsoever, you might not have so much a problem.

8. You're always worried about getting pregnant or getting an STD.


9. You fall asleep during sex.

Is it that vanilla or are you always so tired? Find out so you can either spice it up or manage your time better or adopt a healthier lifestyle.

10. You think about things like work or your hair or makeup during sex.


11. You can't wait for it all to be over.

Has it become a routine, something you just have to do? You can make it to something you want to do if you try to get a spark again. Talk more, go on a romantic datewhatever that'll make you kilig and feel you have great chemistry.

12. You dread seeing your partner 'cos you know you guys will have sex.

Aww man. That sounds really bad. If you're not in the mood, it should be okay to tell him you don't want to have sex yet or at all. He'll be sure to oblige you. If you force yourself to have sex with him when you're not in the mood, all the more you wouldn't want to see him and that can affect your relationship.

13. You're thinking of someone else and missing that person during sex.

You got it bad. Maybe it's just a phase, something that you need to move on from? Probably.

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