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13 Struggles Of Being In A *Kind Of* Long Distance Relationship


1. Dates always have to be scheduled.

You always have to work out the logistics of your lakads for obvious reasons. Does he pick you up—which means leaving his house in Alabang 3-4 hours before—or do you take an Uber and meet halfway?

2. YOLO days/nights means insta-sleepovers!

Like that time you decided to go to Tagaytay on a whim. Nope, no way is he driving you back to Q.C. at 3 in the morning.

3. You’ve started a couple fund for tolls/gas/transportation.

The Skyway is NOT CHEAP, okay.

4. You get irked when people tell you that you shouldn’t complain about your distance from each other because “some people have it worse.”

It’s true. While some people need to ride planes and boats to see their SO, you technically only need to endure long car rides. But you try to explain to people that that doesn’t make it suck any less.


5. Weekday dates are the hardest.

Because of the freaking Metro Manila traffic! By the time he picks you up, you’re both very tired and mildly annoyed at the traffic sitch. You try to be nice to each other, but somehow, your ~*BVs*~ show, even if you don’t intend it to.

6. You fear the day you split because he might compute the amount of money he spent on toll and gas.


7. You don’t get to see each other as often as other couples.

Sometimes, he can’t even be your date to certain occasions. :'(

8. But you like reminding yourself that the situation only makes every date exciting.

It will take a looooooooong loooooooooooooooooooong time before you get sick of each other!

9. Visiting each other’s ~*turf*~ is fun!

Truth is, going to Parañaque always makes you feel like going on a mini vacation because everything is so new to you! And you’re almost 101% sure he feels the same way about Quezon City.

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10. Weekend dates are whole-day affairs.

All your weekends are reserved for each other. Because that’s literally the only time that you can spend together without having to worry about going home too late or getting stuck in horrible traffic.

11. You have back-up supplies at each other’s places.

Clothes, underwear, makeup, toiletries—everything!

12. You’re not clingy, because you’re used to not seeing each other all the time.

Like you said, every date is exciting. Every date is worth looking forward to! He lets you do your own thing and you let him do his.

13. Whenever you talk about your future, you get into small arguments about where you want to settle down.

He wants to stay in his world in the South, while you believe that staying up North is still the best. So paano?

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