13 Things We Don't Want To Hear When We're On Our Period

'Does it really hurt?'

1. "What's wrong?"

"Do they really need to ask that? Obviously, I'm on my period and it freakin' hurts!" –Koleen

2. "Does it really hurt?"

"Seriously? You think I'm that good an actress?" –Karen

3. "Mukha kang pagod."

"Oo. Pagod na pagod na ako kakapalit ng napkin." –Desiree

4. "Tumataba ka."

"Siyempre pag meron ka, bloated ka." –Kaye

5. "Sungit mo. May period ka noh?"

"Just because I'm having a bad day doesn't always mean it's because of my period!"—Jean

6. "Can't come to see you today."

"Girls need comfort and someone to make them smile or laugh in times of distress. So, hearing our boyfriends say 'I can't' really pisses us off." –Kaye

7. "Saan mo pa gusto pumunta? Saan mo pa gusto kumain?"

"I already feel stressed over my situation. Please don't add to it!" –Dennise

8. "Ang laki ng eyebags mo."

"Ang pangit na nga ng tingin mo sa sarili mo 'pag meron ka tapos pinapamukha  pa sayo 'yong imperfections mo."–JM

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9. "Wala ka sa mood?"

"Iyong uulit-uliting 'Wala ka sa mood?' or 'Bad trip ka, babe?' Tapos ipagpipilitan pa eh hindi naman talaga. Maiinis ka tuloy!" –Marianne

10. "Please don't make me buy your napkin."

"The pain is already killing me. Have mercy!" –Aika

11. "My ex didn't act like that."

"Ang daming puwedeng ikumpara sa akinsa ex pa talaga during this time of my life?  " –Ena

12. "At least you're not pregnant."

"Wow, thanks for the concern." –Steffie

13. "Maybe just a blowjob?"

"Sige. But if I hurt you, it's not my fault." –Darell


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