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14 Signs You Should Ask Him Out


1. You want to tell him about the littlest, dumbest shit that happens during your day. 
And I mean dumb. Like, "There was free pan de sal and coffee at work today!" or, "I had Potato Corner today!" or, "I used a new shampoo that smells like flowers today!" Dumb.

2. You're super-comfortable with him. 
You don't have that pukey feeling you have when you're on a date with the random guy. You know?

3. You're perfectly fine with PDA, as long as it's with him.
Even though you haven't transitioned your relationship into a romantic one (yet!), you are finding it increasingly difficult not to tenderly face-touch him and hold his hand and put your head on his shoulder—EVERYTHING YOU SWORE ANNOYED YOU ABOUT OTHER COUPLES.

4. He makes you laugh. 

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Like you're going to pee yourself.

5. He's almost asked you a few times but lost his nerve—or he's asked you out on ambiguous "friend dates."
You're 99 percent sure he's into you, but he's afraid of sticking his neck out. If you want to go out with him, just do it! It's not so bad. It's like taking a cold shower in the morning. It's only hard at the start. 

6. You've mentioned other guys in front of him.
If a girl has talked about her love life with a guy who's into her, it can throw him off. He thinks she just thinks of him as a nonsexual being, like a chair that happens to be an awesome listener.

7. You haven't been able to make a tipsy makeout session happen, for whatever reason.
Maybe he doesn't drink. Maybe you don't drink. For whatever reason, the drunken makeout—the easiest way to transition friendship to more—has Not Occurred. No reason to wait for that to happen if it's not happening naturally. Just ask him out!

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8. You work his name into totally unrelated conversations. 

"You know who else drinks water? Mike!"

9. You've progressed to texting/iMessage/Whatsapp/Viber.
And it's the kind of nonstop text banter where you're distracted at work and keep looking at your phone and giggling. #kilig

10. You've already planned a date with him in your head.
Start at the ramen place you both like, watch a movie, end up making out in his car after. All you have to do now is make it happen.

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11. You compare all the guys you used to like to him.
Mike is just everything.

12. It's #empowering. 

Sounds corny, but actually being proactive and going after what you want, as a woman, feels great. 

13. It's a good way to find out if a guy is super-heteronormative, closed-minded, or not into people who like him back.
If he thinks that you asking him out is "desperate," it wasn't gonna work anyway. Homeboy needs to grow up.

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14. You want to.
Just do it! Worst-case scenario, he says no, and then condescendingly asks for a hug, not that it actually happened to an actual person who writes for or anything. You'll be better for it.

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