14 Things That Kill A Guy's Sex Drive

14 Things That Kill A Guy's Sex Drive

Know when to shut it, girl.

Guys can get turned on pretty easily, and turned off just as quickly. It's amazing our penises don't get whiplash. Here are 14 things that can put our penises in traction faster than you can say, "Have you started your taxes?"

1. Talking about finances.

2. Bringing up our parents.

Not before, not during, not immediately after. We don't want to accidentally start making loose associations.

3. Pointing at our penises.

For some reason, women think it's OK to point out when we have erections. It just makes us feel self-conscious and gives us flashbacks to the boy's locker room during puberty. Not sexy.

4. Getting distracted during sex.

Commenting on the fact that we need to dust under our bed really takes us out of the moment.

5. Talking about other guys.

Fostering jealousy doesn't get us to step up our game, it just gets us annoyed.

6. Asking to take a break during sex.

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It's one thing if you need to stop to catch your breath. It's another thing if you just want to stop.

7. Stress.

Gotta stay relaxed.

8. Lack of exercise.

Sweaty and wheezing is never a good look.

9. Lack of sleep.

It's tough to focus on anything, let alone good sex, when all we want to do is go to bed.

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10. Not feeling like providers.

It's wired in us to feel like we can protect and provide for our loved ones. Feeling less like Prince Charming and more like a loser can cramp our style.

11. Baby talk.

There's nothing sexy about babies. Just stop.

12. Being embarrassed of your body.

We want your body. Acting ashamed of it makes us sad. Sadness is not conducive to boners.

13. Crying.

It doesn't matter if we're crying or you're crying. Nothing sexy is going to happen.

14. Being sick.

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We're leaking mucus out of every orifice. Nothing about that sentence is arousing.


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