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15 Signs He Knows He's Having Sex With The Right Person

Because not every person he has sex with gives him an amazing experience.

1. He fantasizes about having sex with you. You're probably thinking, "All guys do this because they all think about sex." Sure. But if he imagines not just the hot kinky stuff (which is what girls assume guys do all the time) but also the romantic moves, mood, and scenario, he's serious because his heart's involved.

2. He can't help kissing you passionately during sex. Which means that there's more to the whole romp than the penis being in the vagina. No doubt it feels great for him, but what makes the entire experience enjoyable and pleasurable is sharing it with the person he's crazy about.

3. He tells you he loves you. Have you ever been told that an "I love you" during an orgasm isn't real 'cos it's just the hormones talking? It's possible, but it's not the case for every person who's having an orgasm. If he looks at you straight in the eye and tells you he loves you at any point during the intercourse or afterwards, he probably means it.

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4. He thinks about growing old with you... When people think about growing old with someone, for sure that person means the world to them. That person understands and knows what to say and do, is of utmost significance, and is considered the one. So if he thinks about growing old with you or imagines you two being happy grandparents who are still in love, you're the right person.

5. And having sex with you even when you guys are old. He thinks it will still be as great as it is now, if not better (since the struggle to be vigorous might be hella funny and you'll have a good laugh). 

6. He loves every inch of your body and is turned on by it. You don't have to be skinny or curvy or big-breasted or any of that sort of thing. For him your body is amazing as it is and he'll always think it's sexy. And since he wants and thinks about growing old with you, he knows your body will change with age (like his will) and has no problem with that. 

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7. He says "make love." He doesn't have to say it all the timeit's actually very out of place if you guys are in the mood for something rough and dirty. But his saying it at all when talking about having sex with you or when he's feeling romantic shows that with you he can be very romantic in the way Nicholas Sparks characters are.

8. He's attracted to you even when you don't look your best. You don't have to look fresh, you don't always have to be smiling, your legs don't have to be newly shaved, and your blouse doesn't have to look freshly pressed for him to think "Wow, that's my girl." You can look plain to the rest of the world, but to him you're a gem.

9. He loves going down on you and doesn't ask that you return the favor. Having sex with the right person isn't just about how great you make him feel when you guys are doing it. He's not about taking and taking; he's a giver too, and he can focus on making you feel good because that's all he wants. He's not going to ask for anything in return or brag about how great he is in bed.

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10. He can talk to you about your sex lives and fantasies. What's great about this is that for him you guys reached another level of intimacy because these fantasies are only shared with and entrusted to you, no one else. He can tell you what he's interested in trying just to experience something new with you and hopefully grow your sex lives from there. As he does this, though, there's absolutely no pressure.

11. He respects your boundaries. If you're not up for even light bondage, sure, he'll ask you why notit's normal for him to want to know what your issue is and to understand where you're coming from. After that, he'll move on since your sex lives are still awesome. He won't force things on you 'cos he cares about you (so you don't have to put pressure on yourself).

12. He's open to trying new things with you. If you're the racy (or racier) one in the relationship, he'll be open (or try to be as open as he can) to what you have in mind. What's important here (and in #11) is that there's an understanding and a willingness to be open. There's a fine line between opening yourself up to something you've never tried before (out of curiosity or to know what you really think of it) and forcing yourself to do something you're really against or uncomfortable with.

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13. He doesn't look for sex from other people when you're away or on your period. Yup, he won't cheat on you, and he certainly won't do it for a good fuck. He's okay about not having sex when you guys aren't together or when you can't, because he knows that you'll be with each other again soon enough and get things on. He's pretty patient.

14. He loves spooning and falling asleep with you after sex. Your warm body, being under the soft sheets, feeling the cool air from a fan or the airconthis is heaven to anyone who's doing it with the right person. 

15. He touches you and holds you, and the physical contact doesn't have to lead to sex. Having sex with the right person means that there is a deep connection between you that makes a physical experience like sex extra special; he knows this. It doesn't require any of you to keep doing it literally all the time like rabbits (although that's also great in theory?). He knows he's doing it with the right one when he can hold her and they can be chill, silent, and relaxed together, when they can just stay there to enjoy the company and let time roll by.

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