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15 Signs You're Done Dating Around


1. Your messaging apps are a lot quieter.

You’re no longer busy keeping up conversations with Tinder Guy 1 and 2, Flirty College Friend, Guy From Valkyrie, Medyo Cute Officemate, and Kabarkada With Sexual Tension.

2. You no longer go to events based on the likelihood of meeting cute single guys.

We’ve all been there. You've stopped asking your friends kung may gwapo/pwede ba before saying yes to going with them somewhere. 

3. You’re not as kaladkarin as you used to be.

You’ve stopped looking at every weekend as an opportunity to find new guys to meet or flirt with.

4. Valentine’s weekend is no longer spent partying it out with fellow #SingleYan friends.

You were always secretly bitter about not having a date or plans with friends on Valentine’s day. Aminin. You’ve realized there’s nothing wrong with doing well, nothing on that weekend. 

5. You stop replying to (or initiating) random late-night texts. 


They never led to anything good anyway.

6. You’re not the MOMOL Queen anymore

It’s part of every single girl’s rite of passage, right? No?

7. You don’t know what the people on Tinder are like these days. 

You used to know exactly where to swipe or not swipe based on location. (Rockwell—Hellooo cute AFAMs! QC, err not so much.)

8. You dread going to a friend’s upcoming wedding, because the world is just too damn small.

You’re gonna have to be sociable with five different guys you went out with. You didn’t date them at the same time, but did I mention they all happen to know each other and are all gonna be there? PAANO.

9. You’ve finally, finally cut ties with your default “friend” from forever ago, even if you’re not dating anyone.

We all have that one friend—when you’re both single, you’re each other's default kalandian. You never actually see each other when you’re both in relationships, and you’d never even date them seriously. 

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10. You’re done “having fun” with guys.

When you start going out with a guy, you’re no longer worried about the nicer, cuter guys you could be missing out on. 

11. Even if you don’t have any dating prospects right now, you don’t mind.

You’ve stopped filling your calendar (and inbox) with guys you know you don’t see a future with anyway. Not having some of-the-moment guy is perfectly fine. #mature

12. You meet a guy who’s doesn’t go out and party like you do—and it’s a good thing.

How on earth did you ever think that staying home was a bad thing?

13. You start going out with someone and you actually go on at least five dates before he meets any of your friends.

It never used to matter what they thought of those random guys, but with this one, it’s different.

14. You actually bring the same guy to at least two different barkada get-togethers. 


And your friends make a big deal out of it. “OMG! Is that the SAME guy you brought last time?”

15. You have no qualms about saying the D-word.

“So I’m dating this guy—yes girl, dating!”

16. When the guy you’ve been going out with wants to DTR, you don’t run away in a panic.

Your stone-cold, bitter, #AngDamingHugot heart is finally melting. You’re ready to be vulnerable and see where it goes with someone—and maybe find love again!

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