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15 Things Only Girls Dating An Unromantic Guy Know To Be Very True

You guys don't do PDA. No wonder your dad likes him so much...

So you're in a relationship with someone who is the complete opposite of leading men in all our favorite rom-coms. Here are a few things (read: struggles) you may find relatable:

  1. Holding hands feel awkward. They're rare, like other forms of PDA. You can feel his hand tense and his palms grow sweaty. Yup, he's definitely uncomfortable. Guess it's time to let go before he tells you he wants to stop holding hands.
  2. You feel like you're just friends, not lovers. Which is pretty cool on some days. Like you're just magka-barkada. But sometimes you just want your guy to go crazy for you. You want to be romanced, no matter how cliche candle-lit dinners, walks in the park, or flowers are. You just want to feel like you're loved more than a friend.
  3. You sometimes get shy to be affectionate. There's always that chance he won't reciprocate or even appreciate the date you planned or the snack you prepared for him. It'll suck big time if he doesn't look pleased, so you've decided to tone down with the sweet stuff.
  4. You hardly hear him say "I love you." You usually hear or read "I love you too." Which is okay, as long as he loves you. And when he does say those three words, they hit your very soul.
  5. You don't know if he believes in Valentine's Day. Is he one of those guys who say that it's just a scheme to make businesses profit extra, that it's a waste of time and money? Probably. Regardless, he'll take you out and have a good meal with you because he knows you want him to and because he doesn't want you envying your friends. LOL.
  6. Sometimes you feel like you're the one driving your relationship forward. You're the one who plans dates, asks him out, initiates the making out, and many other things. Not that you mind being the one who's making the first move; you just mind that you do it A LOT.
  7. You don't know if he remembers your anniversary, or would want to celebrate it. You're thinking, "Okay, today's our first anniversary! YAY! So, do I greet him? Is he into that stuff or not? What if he gets turned off by my greeting? And if I do greet, do I say how much he means to me? Hmm. Better not." And then you text him "Happy Anniversary!" and then he replies with a smile emoji. Uh??? Is this progress?
  8. Sometimes you don't really know if he loves you. Because there are hardly any sweet words and actions coming from him. BAKIT PO.
  9. You hardly have any pictures together. He's not into selfies, and he's not into couple shots or selfies with you. Understandable, but still, WHAT WILL YOU USE TO LOOK BACK ON THE DATES YOU PLANNED?
  10. You don't expect him to update his relationship status on Facebook. Not now, not ever. *sigh* Does he even know how much of a catch you are, hence something to be proud of and tell the world about?!
  11. You guys have no theme song. Actually, you do. For your first date, first kiss, first time you held hands. He just doesn't remember any of it and you don't bring it up so he won't get embarrassed.
  12. Your partner is not the person to watch rom-coms with. You probably don't want him watching with you too because you know he'll just get bored or something. And you don't want to be worrying about how he feels when you're getting kilig.
  13. You've wondered what made you fall in love with him if he's so unromantic. Was he always like that? Doesn't seem like it. It's hard to tell 'cos he's fun and sweet as a friend. Oh well. Point is you love each other now!
  14. Any sweet gesture he does surprises you and makes your day. Always and without fail. (You're also thinking: "AWW. HE LOVES ME AFTER ALL!")
  15. You still appreciate your guy. You know that being romantic isn't everything, and your guy's probably reserved because he's shy early on in the relationship. It doesn't make him a bad partner, though. Not at all. He's still a good partner beacuse he says some of the most important and beautiful things, especially when you need them. He's there for you, he believes in you, and he's faithful.
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