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15 Things That Irrationally Annoy Your Boyfriend

Deciding to change your outfit right when we're about to go out.

1. Refusing to watch Star Wars. 

It's a goddamn cultural movement. Who cares if it's not your "thing?" I saw Titanic twice just so I could keep up with the cultural zeitgeist.

2. Refusing to learn how the remotes work ... and then asking how to turn the volume up over and over. 

This isn't even "tech stuff." This is "stuff you need to know if you want to watch TV."

3. Deciding to change your outfit right when we're about to go out. 

You're already ready and it doesn't matter. We're going to the department store to buy a chair, why do you need a wardrobe change?

4. Complain about something when you "just want us to listen." 

What's the point of us even listening if we can't give feedback? You could literally yell your problems into a pillow instead.

5. Talking over TV/a movie. 

 Maybe we can't multitask as well as you, but that shouldn't matter. All I know is, we don't want to rewind the same thing five times to hear the dialogue.

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6. When you say, "HINDI MO NAMAN GETS E."


7. Complaining about your friends. 

Guys don't have "frenemies." We have friends, enemies, and "douchebags we put up with at work."

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8. Saying, "I don't care what we have for dinner," and then suddenly having a list of caveats.

 If you're going to defer to us, don't freak out when we choose hot wings. And then pizza. And then shoot down our idea to go to the restaurant we both like. You obviously have something very specific in mind for dinner. Stop making us guess.

9. Hype-shaming. 

Yeah, women get excited about things, but they don't get hyped for things the way guys do. Don't shame us for wanting to see The Avengers 2 at midnight or for preordering the Apple Watch. And we need to watch the game live.

10. Taking our clothes. 

It isn't cute when you steal our last clean hoodie and then, when it's raining, we have nothing to wear. And don't tell me to use an umbrella. Get out of here with that shit.

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11. Saying blue balls aren't real. 

Tell that to the dull, consistent ache in our balls.

12. Forbidding us from doing something.

This just makes us double want to do it.

13. Assuming we'll pay for stuff. 

It's fine if we pick up the tab. Just don't show up at a bar and open a tab in our name and buy drinks for all your friends and then tell us about it an hour later.

14. Telling us all our shirts are the same. 

They're shirts that we like, and checkered and plaid patterns are different (I think).

15. Denying being upset. 

You are literally crying, don't play it off like nothing is wrong.

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