15 Women On How They Had Their Best Orgasm Ever

"I saw purple sparkles, then nothing, and then I swear to god I went deaf for a second."

1. "Mine happened on the couch after a lazy Sunday. My partner and I were taking a break from doing things around the apartment and started cuddling on the couch, then just started touching each other slowly. He eventually started going down on me, and when I came, it was one of those orgasms that felt like someone was dragging their fingernails down your body again and again and again, then you feel heat and chills, and then finally you tip over into your orgasm. Perfect." —Christina, 26

2. "I had been hooking up with this guy for a while, but the first time we smoked weed (I live in Colorado, so it's legal here) and had sex, I had the most toe-curling-earth-shaking orgasm. He came immediately after I did, and the feeling was so intense I couldn't stop thinking about having sex while high again for the next few days." —Kate, 28

3. "I'm pretty sure my best orgasm happened when I was seeing a dude I met through work originally, then again via Tinder. He was a Bad Idea: very transparent about baggage in the midst of his divorce, short temper, heavy smoker, drinker, etc., but we had some of the hottest sex ever and I think the clearly finite nature of our arrangement is to thank/blame. The very best orgasm came about when we both came at once after a particularly heated romp. My eyes were shut super-tight and I saw purple sparkles, then nothing, and then I swear to god I went deaf for a second." —Beca, 28

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4. "The best orgasm I ever had was with my current boyfriend while he was going down on me and using three fingers for penetration." —Theresa, 27

5. "When I was 13 and discovered Jacuzzi tub water-jets." —Krista, 27

6. "It was when I was dating my ex and she'd slept with a lot of women before me. I have yet to orgasm vaginally, but my clitoral orgasms are wonderful, especially with the addition of penetration. She really knew me and my orgasms pretty well, so she knew it felt good to pulse her curled fingers into my G-spot right when I was about to orgasm from her licking my clitoris. I lost it and squirted all over her arm. I truly orgasmed from her oral alone but the G-spot stimulation put me over the edge." —Emily, 19

7. "I was 19 at the time and I had only ever orgasmed through clitoral stimulation. One day, I was cooking dinner and had spontaneous kitchen sex with my very well-endowed boyfriend with him standing on the ground and me sitting on the counter, and I had the first vaginal orgasm of my life. Something about the angle and the sexy spontaneity made it happen. It felt like ripples of pleasure through my whole body. I think it was the best because I was just so shocked that I was capable of that after all, and I certainly did my best to keep it up from then on." —Cat, 27

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8. "My best orgasm ever happened the first time my now-husband and I had sex without a condom. We were still in that 'gotta have you' stage, and it was like months of foreplay led up to this whole new level of sex. It just felt like I was so much closer to him and felt more intense and the feel of skin against skin was the perfect addition to that combination." —Holli, 29

9."My best orgasm was the first time my current boyfriend came inside me. I had just gotten on birth control and was so excited to have him come inside me that I came so hard I blacked out. It was only for a minute but I remember him shaking my shoulder to wake me up. He was in a huge panic thinking he killed me!" —Megan, 24

10. "My best-ever orgasm was with my rock star then-girlfriend after one of those weird music industry parties in New York. We went back to my hotel and through some act of God and/or flexibility, we were able to have sex in the missionary position. No toys, just the two of us, face to face, connecting both our souls and our lady parts in the most intimate of ways." —Tucky, 28

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11. "This is not something I love admitting, but I owe my most mind-blowing orgasm to a U-shaped, couples sex toy called the We-Vibe. My college boyfriend bought it for me in 2011 because I always had trouble climaxing during intercourse. I was on top, and it was one of those combo G-spot and clitoris orgasms that sends you briefly to outer space. I swear I blacked out for a split second and there were tears in my eyes when I came. My screams were so loud that his two housemates had material to gossip about for weeks." —Gina, 26

12. "My best orgasm came after a night of smoking some really intense sativa [marijuana] with my partner (I live in Colorado, so it's relatively easy to get Rocky Mountain High). I told him that I wanted him to touch every inch of me twice before kissing me or moving further. I was tuned into every touch, how my body was responding, and we started breathing together at the same time. By the time he went south, I was already buzzing and I climaxed three or four times in a row (my first multi-orgasmic experience)." —Kelly, 26

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13. "My best orgasm ever was with my boyfriend at the time when we stayed in an Airbnb which was just a mattress and a fan on the floor in a stranger's apartment. There was no headboard, of course, and I was positioned in his lap with my back up against the wall. I hit some sort of sweet spot and I orgasmed for 30 minutes straight with stars in my eyes. We realized the next day that the wall was shared with the renter's roommate, who I imagine heard the whole thing." —Sara, 22

14. "I was on my back on the edge of the couch and he was kneeling on the floor, with my legs over his shoulders. It was good (not great), but then he busted out a bullet vibrator on my clit and I diiiiiieeed. Not literally, but you know. Foot-cramping amazing." —Jane, 27

15. "The best orgasm I've ever had happened in my partner's family cottage. His parents were of course there, so we'd sneak out to have sex on the dock. One night, he stripped me bare and we had sex doggy-style right at the end of the dock in full view of the stars and the full moon reflecting in the water. It was my first orgasm from the doggy-style position and it was intense! It was so hard keeping all my excitement quiet so we didn't wake his parents (or any other neighbors!)" —Sara, 23

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