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16 Signs You're A Crazy Girlfriend

You stalk his social media habits.

1. Thinking he's mad at you or that he'll break up with you when he doesn't reply to you in five minutes.

Girl, you need to chill.

2. Spying on him in real life and checking his social media activities.

You probably have other (and better) things to do, right? Also, you're much crazier if you think spying on him is fun, or you're doing it even if he doesn't give you any sign of infidelity.

3. You destroy his things or hurt him physically when you're mad.

This is never okay on both your ends.

4. The most trivial things make you explode.

A minute late for a date? A message but no smiley? Forgot what your favorite color was? We get it, sometimes it's really the littlest things that irk us most because people should already know them by heart. There's no denying it. That said, you just have to be understanding. There could be more to the story or there could be none. For sure it's good to pick your "battles." Some things aren't worth any trouble, so just chill.

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5. You want him to buy you a Louis Vuitton bag, a real one, to appease your wrath.

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Demanding, much? If you say "That's how I want him to say sorry to me" or "That's the only way I'll know he's truly sorry," it doesn't change the fact that you're demanding. Or, you know, materialistic. True love's got nothing to do with that.

6. You make a scene.

You should've graduated from going out of control in public, whether to humiliate your guy or to just get attention, LONG LONG AGO. Like when you were 5.

7. You don't give your guy alone time with his friends.

Boys night out? Or just lunch out? Nope, you have to be there too.

8. You tell him to stop being friends with a person you don't like.

You don't really have a right to do that, even if you're his girlfriend.

9. You tell him how to dress.

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Unless he's a slob, we're sure he'll be fine, mom. :)

10. You tell him he's not allowed to drink...

Unless there are health reasons involved...WHY?

11. Or hang out with friends (girls included)...

Do you trust him or not?

12. Or even talk to girls.

Sorry, you're just not the only female in the world. It can't be helped for him to talk to one.

13. You require him to pay for everything, while you don't spend a single cent.

Time to bring your mind to the 21st century. There's this thing called "gender equality" so he works and earns money and you work and earn money too. So why should he be the only one spending? You don't need his financial support if you're a working girl. If you say you want to see if he loves you or that you want to make sure he'll love you forever by giving him a hard time, NEWS FLASH: Things don't work that way anymore. Love needs nurturing. How are you nurturing your love for him?

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14. You make the guy feel inferior, pathetic, like he's not good enough for you, just so he'll exert 101 percent more effort to please you.

It's one thing to tell him you don't feel cherished. It's another to insult him, his abilities, and his limitations. If you do the latter, stop it. That never did anyone any good. And if you tell him he's not good enough for you, why are you still with him?

15. You're in a relationship with a guy you can't even respect.

Some people get into relationships not always out of love. It's happened in the past, and it can still happen now (they can start with lust or a scheme). But to stay with a guy you can't even respect at all that you treat him like a slave, an object, or an accessory? That's pretty crazy. Crazy cruel.

16. You're still in a relationhip with a guy who doesn't respect you.

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Assuming you're with someone who doesn't care about what you feel, doesn't try to be understanding of you, and doesn't even assure you that he loves you and only you, and he's someone who constantly hurts and abuses you, you're probably hit in the head for putting up with all that crap.

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