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16 Thoughts You Have When You Meet Your Boyfriend's Ex

"OMG. Is she prettier than me?"

Accidentally bumping into your boyfriend’s former girlfriend can be awkward, but if for some reason, you two actually have to make small talk—say, at a common friend's weddingwell, we won't be surprised if your mind starts wandering and wondering. Here are 16 thoughts that have probably crossed your mind upon meeting the ex. 

1. Is my makeup on point? "Blush, mascara, and lipstick—check!"

3. I wonder if she has a boyfriend already.  "She'd better have one or else I’m not going. No."

3. How does she look?  "Is she tall? Pretty? Fair? Slim?"

4. What to wear. OMG. 
"I don’t want to look overdressed or, worse, underdressed."

5. Is she friendly? "Or should I be friendly? I don’t want it to look fake, though."

6. Should I wear heels? "But I don’t want to limp all day when my feet get tired. I’ll just bring slippers–or flats."

7. I hope I don’t say anything awkward or weird. 
"Hey, nice top! It matches your personality." WHAT. 

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8. Where do I sit? "Beside my boyfriend? In front of my boyfriend? Maybe she should sit at a different table. I’m kidding!"

9. What if she starts talking to my boyfriend? "Must. Not. Be. Jealous."

10. What if she starts talking to me?! "Uh...hi? It’s nice…to finally…meet you?"

11. She has nice hands. "…and hair and skin. Wow, what did my guy see in me?" #Insecurities 

12. I hope I don’t look mataray. "You know, because #RestingBitchFace. Yes, this IS my face."

13. Do they still feel the same connection? "Why are they staring at each other like that?"

14. Should I ask questions about her, too? "So, you like pets? I love dogs."

15. How should I respond to her questions? "Should I smile? Maintain a straight face? But that’s just going to make things more awkward."

16. Oh wait, is my boyfriend holding my hand? 
"Yes he is. And all is well in the world again." #Aww

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