16 Ways To Put Fun Back In Your Relationship

How would you describe the V-Day you just had? Exciting? Unforgettable? Or boring as hell? Cosmo shares a slew of tricks to help revive a love life that’s getting stale!
funback_main1.jpgThere’s something utterly intoxicating about falling in love. There’s the high of starting a new relationship…the goose-bumpy adrenaline rush you get just from being near your honey. It’s enough to make you do the nuttiest things in the name of desire, like canoodling with abandon in highly inappropriate places and devoting hours at work to sending "I-miss-you-since-this-morning" E-mails. Eventually, though, as things become more serious, you sober up and lose some of that carefree kookiness. “Longtime couples get really good at maintaining an even keel, but you have to rock the boat every now and then to keep the passion and fire alive,” says Susan Bradley, author of Irresistible Prescriptions for Love: 90 Quick Cures for Your Love Life. So to make sure your love always stays a little loco, we’ve come up with a slew of wacky, and occasionally weird, ways to get that giddy, butterflies-in-your-gut feeling. Grab your guy, shed your sanity, and commit these acts of sheer lusty lunacy.

1. Go AWOL
Stage a last-minute getaway but leave your itinerary to fate. Just hop in the car with no destination in mind. Shack up in a cheap motel (you know, the kind with themed rooms), and be tourists in a random town—even if it’s just the next one over. “You can’t plan, so you just have to go with the flow,” says Bradley. “And since no one knows or cares who you are, you’re free to be outrageous.”

2. Be Filthy Rich For A Day
Masquerade as trust-fund brats or rock royalty and crash for-sale model units in ritzy condominiums—they’re listed in the real estate section of your local paper. Being partners in crime will give you both a thrill—let your imaginations run wild and ponder what a passionate night in such an incredibly lush home would be like. So many rooms…so many possibilities!

3. Ride A Roller Coaster
Head to the nearest amusement park and hop on every heart-thumping thrill ride in the place. You’ll feel like hormonal 16-year-olds again, and the adrenaline rush from the rides will put the va-va-voom back into your bedroom. Why? “Because all that excitement boosts your bodies’ testosterone, the neurotransmitter that makes you feel horny,” says Joel Block, Ph.D., author of The Magic of Lasting Love: The Step-by-Step Program to Help You Make Love Last. Just try to keep it clean in front of the kids on the merry-go-round.

4. Sport A Titillating Tattoo
Getting inked (just temporarily) in an erotic locale will up the lust factor because, despite the alterna-fadness of them, tattoos are still taboo. The best part? Seeing your skin art slowly fade from all the frisky fondling you’ll be doing. Jonathan, 28, a financial analyst, surprised his gal pal with a scorpion inked on his pelvis. “We dared each other to get a cheesy temporary tattoo as a joke,” he says. “But she couldn’t believe a yuppie like me would get something so outrageous-and put it there.” “Seeing an unexpected side of your partner or showing a different side of yourself brings back some of the newness and mystery of young love,” says Mark Goulston, M.D., author of The Six Secrets of a Lasting Relationship.

5. Have A Hedonistic Weekend
Clear your calendar, hide your watch, and swear off clothing for two solid days. Then rent movies, give each other massages, take baths, and don’t set foot outside unless there’s a fire. Staying cocooned in your apartment may sound drastic, but it’s a great way to reconnect and rekindle the sparks from that time when you thought about only each other. And when it’s just the two of you, anything goes: Order in dinner, and the next thing you know, you’re eating egg rolls off each other’s naked bodies.

6. Abduct Your Dude
Blindfold him, drive in circles until he’s thoroughly lost, then steer him to a secret destination: his favorite restaurant, an overlooking spot, or a secluded place for a sexual rendezvous. Planning a date around him, along with the thrill of the kidnapping caper, snaps you both out of the same-old-thing rut. He might up the ante on the next outing, making it a challenge to see who can top the previous date.

7. Get Analyzed
Even if you think you know every nuance about each other, having your handwriting analyzed or your palms read will reveal different dimensions of yourselves and remind you of those traits that first got you hooked. Whether he’s a doer and you’re a dreamer, or you’re outgoing and he’s the shy type, your analysis will highlight how you complement each other, adding the spark to electrify your romance.
funback_main2.jpg8. Play Stylist
Let your partner pick your outfit for the evening (okay, so you may end up staying in), and put it on you piece by piece. Then do the same for him. The whole process of dressing the love of your life in the clothes you like best will be as sexy and scintillating as tearing them off of each other later.

9. Go Undercover
Head to a snazzy hotel lounge together where no one knows your names and let some fabulous fable unfold. Strike up a conversation with the friendly folks next to you or with the bartender, and spin a story about the funny way you met (“It just so happened that we had our palms read and were told by the manghuhula to specifically seek each other out.”) or about how difficult it is to find time to meet up and have a drink together, what with you both being airline pilots. Sure, it’s devious, but it’s delicious, harmless fun.

10. Have A Booty Banquet
Whether you choose to do some dirty dining in your own kitchen or at a romantic restaurant where the rule is that you can only order foods that are super-sensuous to eat, focus on feeding each other love-potent dishes that’ll jump-start your sex drives. Foods that double as foreplay? Raw oysters, melon, avocados, lobster, truffles, tempura, sorbet, fondue, and ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Bon appetit, mon cher!

11. Brand Your Boyfriend
Give him a hickey that gets his heart pumping. A good old-fashioned passion remnant is so high school and goofy that you’ll both giggle every time you see it. And he’ll love being a marked man.

12. Serenade Your Soul Mate
So what if you sound like a dying cat. Videoke your heart out to Carole King’s “I Feel the Earth Move,” Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe,” or any other heartfelt love song directed to your dream man. Or dare him to do a duet to “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?” a la Pops and Ogie. A PDI (Public Display of Insanity) proves that you have no shame when it comes to showing off your feelings.

13. Throw A Smolderingly Hot Harlequin Night
As cheesy and cliche as those bodice-ripping, hulky he-man stories are, they’re so fun to act out-if you don’t take yourselves too seriously. So laugh it up as you play it up and, ultimately, heat things up: Feed each other grapes, dance together by moonlight, make out by the light of a hundred little candles, talk breathlessly about your forbidden love, and top it all off with a stormy romp in the bedroom. Who knows—with a little practice, he might find his inner Fabio and burst into your boudoir more often.

14. Get Sporty
Go to a sabong stadium, the Sta. Clara racetrack, or any other heart-pumping spectator sport, and let loose. Compete to see who can yell the loudest, eat the most balut, or go on a quest to see who can find the biggest beer gut in the crowd. Opting out of the usual dinner-and-movie date in favor of a wild new night on the town is like discovering choc-nut ice cream if you’ve only had a taste of vanilla. Once you’ve tried it, you may never go back to anything ordinary.

15. Quiz Each Other
What would you do if you had three months left to live? How much money would you shave your head for? If you could live anywhere for a year, where would you go? Check out The Book of Questions, by Gregory Stock, together. “In spite of how well you know each other, there’s always new intriguing territory to explore,” says Dr. Goulston.

16. Make Bets With Pervy Payoffs
Pick point spreads on a game or gamble on random trivia, and back up your friendly competition with a sexy wager—“I’ll bet you two hours as a love slave that you don’t know why some pistachios are dyed red” or “If Kris Aquino doesn’t wear a cleavage-revealing top on The Buzz today, you get a full-body massage.” The logic? Couples need to cultivate their competitive spirit. Keeping the peace all the time is boring. Sensual bets can help send your passion quotient off the charts.
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