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17 Sex Tips From Guys

They may have a rep for being tight-lipped, but leave it to Cosmo to get a ton of men to spill the sinful things they want you to do in bed.

1 “During missionary, put both legs on top of my shoulders. It lets me get so much deeper inside you.” —Zach, 27

2  “The hottest four words are ‘You feel so big.’ Say them as I enter you and I’ll want to do whatever I can to please you.” —Aaron, 26

3 “Lean back and give me a private demonstration of how you want me to touch you down there.” —Jerry, 28

4 “Show my balls some love, too. Lick them in a slow figure eight and I’ll be ready to come right then.” —Mike, 23

5 “Whisper ‘I’m so wet’ when I least expect it, like when I’m checking my email.” —Kevin, 22

6 “With your phone, record a video of us making out. It suddenly makes French kissing seem so very naughty.” —Josh, 30

7 “My girlfriend will moan my name as I thrust into her for the first time, like she’s been waiting for this all day.” —Sean, 29

8 “My favorite position is doggie style, but with both of us standing up and her leaning over the bed. It’s easier for me to control the rhythm and angle.” —Joey, 27

9“A lot of women are self-conscious about guys going down on them, but my ex would let me do it for as long as I wanted. I loved it that she couldn’t get enough of how good I made her feel.” —Erick, 29

10 “Take my finger, lick it, and then trace the outline of your breasts and nipples. Tell me that I can’t take over until you’re done using me for pleasure.” —Kevin, 27

11 “Right before I climax, close your legs together as tightly as possible. The pressure makes my release electrifying.” —Joel, 30

12 “Please tell me what you want when I go down on you. But, keep it to one to two words, like ‘more’ and ‘over here.’ A full sentence ruins the mood.“ —Matt, 21

13 “A girlfriend once pulled me into a walk-in closet during a party for an intense quickie. Knowing that she couldn’t wait until we were alone drove me nuts.” —Emil, 22

14 “Guys love woman-on-top for two reasons: We don’t have to do all the work, and we get to lie back and watch your boobs shake. So, please give a little extra bounce just for us.” —Jeremy, 25

 15 “Wearing a guy’s dress shirt to bed is always hot, but I’m more of a fan of a guy’s undershirt. It’s tantalizing to see cleavage in my V-neck, when usually it’s just my gross chest hair.” —Darren, 26

16 “Ride me in reverse cowgirl, but stretch forward and grip my ankles. The angle is incredible, and it gives me a great view of your ass.” —Fred, 25

17 “My girlfriend wears headbands because she says they’re in or whatever. I couldn’t care less, except when she climbs into bed completely naked but wearing one. She instantly has that naughty schoolgirl vibe, no plaid skirt necessary.” —Ench, 23