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17 Signs You're Dating A High-Maintenance Guy

He's LA. You know, laking-aircon.

1. He really likes eating in expensive restaurants. “Craving for a solid serving of kurobata pork tonight for our date,” he says, like, all the time.

2. Vacations are always in the swankiest hotel establishments. There’s no roughing out with Mother Nature for your beau. Hey, you sure aren’t complaining. At least you can reap the spoils as well.

3. He’s LA. You know, laking-aircon. Konting araw lang, pawis na. Plus, doesn’t it seem weird to you that his skin is whiter, fairer, and smoother than yours?

4. He treats you to the spa for a massage and mani-pedi on a weekly basis. Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy it.

5. He watches what he eats. And while there's nothing wrong with being conscious about what you put in your body, your guy doesn't believe in the concept of a cheat day. "Are you really going to eat that?" he asked you that one time you chowed down on a cheeseburger and fries.

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6. He will NEVER skip gym day. Sometimes you just feel needy and want to see him on an unplanned date day. "Can't today. Gym. Rest day ko tomorrow doe," he says.

7. Because he goes to the gym daily, he looks so damn good. In anything. He will flaunt his guns on Instagram because he knows he looks good.

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8. Because he's conscious of what he looks like, he knows how to dress up for your folks. He will come in a crisp blue polo, khaki pants (cuffed, of course) and boat shoes to impress your mom, lola, and your titas. Sure, it took him three hours to plan his outfit (daig ka pa), but damn girl, have you seen him? SO. WORTH. IT.

9. Therefore, when he dresses up, everything is on point. The guy is aware of the basic style rule for formal events: The color of his belt must match the color of his shoes. He never attends special gatherings without a tailored, well-fitted suit. His shoes are always shiny. HOW. WHY.

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10. It's hard to shop for him. He's so particular about his clothes, his suits, his cuff links, and his necktie that you have given up on buying him new things. 

11. People constantly tell you that you’re so chill compared to him.

12. He's ridiculously anal about his car. "Just cleaned my seats and my floor. Do you mind taking off your shoes once you're inside the car? I really don't want to get my floor dirty." Seryoso ka ba?

13. He only wears clothes and accessories from brands you can NEVER pronounce. Like, Patek Philippe. And IWC Schaffhausen. Also, Audemars Piguet. Madalas gusto niya 'yung mga stores sa Greenbelt 5.

14. When he does ask for something from you, sobrang mahal naman. "Baaaaaabeeeeeeeee, the new iPhone is out! Hehehehe."

15. He cannot leave the house in pambahay clothes. Even if he just needs to gas up. He has to style his hair with pomade/wax/gel. Giiiiiirl, mas madami pa siyang hair products than you.

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16. He's so particular about his alcohol. And his coffee. He does not drink cheap grocery wine. He likes his whiskey (and will school you on how to drink it). He likes his Stella Artois. He likes his Chimay and Hoegarden. He likes his Toby's Estate coffee.

17. He only drinks blue label drinks. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch #4lyf.