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18 Reasons You Should Date A Gamer

He's not necessarily childish! He can be a dreamboat, too.

1. His mental skills are sharper than those of non-gamers. Video games have been proven to help improve spatial orientation, memory, and strategic planning.

2. His motor skills are sharper, too. He has developed quick reaction time, and fast hands and fingers are useful anywhere and everywhere. :>

3. He thinks fast. He can help solve your problems in no time! What more, since he tries to come up with easy, practical, and creative solutions, he shows you other perspectives and courses of action.

4. He can work under pressure. Not only can he think fast, he can also think clearly and do everything he has to do step by step without mistakes. Screwing up is unacceptable to him.

5. He values time. First, he’s punctual. If he and his fellow gamers agree to play at 9:00 p.m., he’ll be ready to meet them a few minutes before the hour so they can all play on the hour. Second, he knows he can’t waste time. If he built his fortress a second too late—yes, a second—his team risks higher chances of losing.

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6. You know he can be focused. If he gives his full attention to his game, he can also do it for you. And when he only has his eyes, ears, and mind on you, you know he respects you.

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7. He’s techie. He had to learn to install his gaming console. In the game itself, he had to figure out how all these guns work, how to fly a chopper, and drive a tank. Which means he has the enthusiasm and patience to learn something foreign to him.

8. His time is spent with you, his family, and playing video games with his friends. That means no bars or strip clubs! (Except maybe when there’s a bachelor party.) Also, no time for another girl! (Why should he look for someone else? You’re awesome!)

9. One of the sweetest and most thoughtful things you can do for him is to try the game he’s playing. Listening to him geek out about his game is a close second, BTW! And honestly, that’s not a lot from you. It’s not even going to cost you much, since that time can be a date already!

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10. If gaming is not for you (or his game is just not for you), you can enjoy your hobbies while he’s busy playing. Yes, you now have me-time, and it’s really just you! So go watch those rom-coms, pamper yourself, go out with your girl friends, devour a book!

11. Better yet, you can be the one scheduling your dates. Tell him you’ll see him two days from now ’cos you got other plans tonight. And he won’t mope; he’ll just miss you more. Then he’ll spend the night playing StarCraft. It’s all good.

12. If you do like it, gaming can be another thing you can do to strengthen your relationship. It’s quality time! (He can even brag to his friends about how awesome you are for getting into the game! Who doesn’t want a proud boyfriend?)

13. Gift-giving just got easier! If you want to give him something he’ll like for sure and something that he’ll use, something video game-related is a good bet. So cross out that impersonal button-down and teddy bear you have in mind.

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14. He knows the value of playing or resting. He knows the difference between being a hard worker and a workaholic. And he’d rather be a hard worker. But between working hard and working well, he chooses the latter, so he has time to go out with you and unwind.

15. He doesn’t let trash-talking get to him. There’s a lot of that in playing video games, as in real life. But his experience has taught him that pathetic people try to psych the good ones out, because they’re pathetic and can’t match up.

16. If he’s a classy gamer, he’s a good sport. He’s not the trash-talker. Again: Trash-talking is for losers who really got no game.

17. If he’s intimidated by your newfound gaming skills, you know you’re better off with someone else. A partner who can’t deal with how kick-ass you are doesn’t deserve to be your partner. It doesn’t take a genius to know this.

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18. He understands that playing video games doesn’t have to be your thing. He knows that it’s really his hobby, and that you have interests of your own. He understands that when you have free time, you’d rather whip up a mean dish. Which means he’s not going to wish you played video games. Or worse, dump you for a gamer girl.

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