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25 Ways to Stay Super Kilig

The best way to maintain a steamy relationship? Change up your couple routine. Do everything on this list and you'll be constantly crazy for each other.

1. Snap a Cute Couples’ Pic When There’s No One Else to Take it for You
Have your guy hold the camera out at arm’s length in front of the two of you (if you’re taller, you should be the photographer). The lens should be in line with his forehead and tilted down at a 45-degree angle. Being shot from above is more flattering, and you’ll still be in the frame.

2. Give Each Other Palm Readings
Decode the head line, the topmost wrinkle that curves up toward the index finger, to gain instant insight into your personalities. Here’s what to look for:
• How curved is it? A deep curve indicates a person is creative and spontaneous, whereas a flatter line suggests a person is practical and structured.
• The longer the head line, the more focused a person is. If the line is short, this person is quick and decisive.
• If the head line doesn’t intersect with the life line, the next wrinkle directly below, then the person is a risk taker. If they do meet, the person is cautious.

3. Pretend You’re Not in a Fight When You Are
To keep the peace, focus on the people around you. Ask lots of questions, but don’t cut your partner out of the convo or the tension between you two will be obvious. Reference yourselves as a couple (e.g., “We liked that movie, too.”) and you’ll appear to be a united front.

4. Get VIP Couple Treatment
When you’re checking into a hotel, have your guy use this line at the front desk (when you’re not around, of course): “I’m proposing tonight, and I’m a nervous wreck. Is there anything you can do to help me make it unforgettable?”

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5. Play Beer Pong
Beer pong is a game in which players try to shoot a clean (or washed, for hygiene’s sake) pingpong ball into a triangle made of cups of beer on the other end of the table. The goal is to shoot the ball, so the other player will have to drink the beer in the cup where the ball lands. Your guy will love that it’s such a male activity, more so if both of you excel in it. Here are some tips:

• Grip the ball between your thumb and forefinger, resting it on your middle finger for stability.
• Stand like a basketball player: feet hip-distance apart, knees slightly bent.
• Dip the ball in beer before you toss—the liquid will weigh it down, reducing the odds that it’ll bounce off a cup.

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6. Enjoy Doing Nothing Together
Yes, this is a skill, especially since technology has trained our brains to do more and idle less. Spend an hour hanging without distractions…no TV, no Internet, no cell phone. Be lazy in bed and just talk.

7. Talk Dirty in a Foreign Language
“Do me now” sounds hotter with an accent:
• In Spanish: “Tomame ahora”
• In French: “Prends moi vite”
• In Italian: “Prendimi ora”

8. Watch the Lunar Eclipse
Grab your binoculars and set your sights on a total lunar eclipse, just before sunrise. A lunar eclipse occurs when the entire disc of the moon is covered by the earth’s umbra (the darkest part of the earth’s shadow). The event of a total lunar eclipse—when we’ll be seeing a reddish moon—is very rare in the Philippines, and is the perfect excuse to cuddle up with your guy under a still-dark, morning sky.

9. Whip Up an Aphrodisiac
According to Neurologist Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, vanilla is the most sexually stimulating scent for men. Nice. Make your bedroom feel sexier for him by closing all doors and windows, then place one to two teaspoons of vanilla extract in small bowls in your room. Leave the entire day, so that when you come home at night, it’ll smell so stimulating, he’ll want to go straight to bed…with you, of course.

10. Shower Together Every Now and Then
Snag a huge showerhead (we like the rainmaker shower head) that’s good for two. You’ll spend less time fighting over who gets the water and more time exploring each other’s wet, naked bodies.

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11. Spoon Without Any Limbs Falling Asleep
When you’re both on your sides facing the same direction, he should put his lower arm behind his back, instead of in front of his chest. That way, you won’t lie on his arm, cutting off his circulation.

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12. Kick Ass in a Videoke Duet
It’s all about choosing a crowd-pleasing song. Three guaranteed charmers:
• “Lucky,” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
• “I Got You Babe,” by Sonny and Cher
• “Summer Nights,” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

13. Do This Yoga Pose, Have Hotter Sex

Research shows that yoga can boost libido and strengthen orgasms, since it increases blood flow below the belt. To get the orgasmic benefits, try the Duo Downward Dog. Start on your hands and knees, then straighten your legs to form an inverted V shape. Now, the fun part: Have your guy stand behind you, grab the side of your hips, and gently pull them back toward his pelvis for a deeper stretch. Hold this for five breaths, and switch positions with each other.

14. Create A Playlist You’ll Both Love
Fuse your musical sensibilities by going through each other’s iPods or mp3 players. Then, make a playlist of songs that both of you love, and hook them up to speakers for an entire day of your favorite music.

15. Try This DIY Couples’ Spa Treat…Butt Naked
First, strip down in the bathroom and take turns rubbing this skin-softening recipe all over each other’s bare bodies. Try to keep your paws off each other for five minutes, then rinse off in a warm shower.
Mix in a bowl:
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup unscented massage oil
6 drops orange essential oil
A pinch of black pepper

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16. Go on a Picnic
Pack a basket with your classic picnic essentials: cold fried chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, homemade brownies, and a jug of lemonade. Don’t forget the blanket, biodegradable plates, cutlery, and cups (get those made from starch, available in supermarkets), and a trash bag.

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17. Hook Up in a Parked Car... and Don’t Get Caught
• Choose a deserted corner of the parking lot, and back in.
• Put up your sunshade on the windshield, and hang your jackets on the hooks over the back windows, so it’s harder for people to see in.
• Jump his bones.

18. Make Him “Rise” From Across the Room

Do this dirty flirting technique: Hold his gaze for 15 seconds, and imagine stripping his clothes off. As you become turned on, your body will send out sexual signals that his brain will pick up on, and as a result, his libido will leap to attention.

19. Play Matchmaker With Your Friends
First, get them psyched. The more you tell your friends about each other, the more they’ll feel a connection when they meet. Pinpoint things they’re both into, and suggest a date that’ll play up their chemistry (e.g., “She loves red wine, too. Take her to a tasting.”). Next, come clean about their differences, but spin them in an upbeat way. For example, if she’s outgoing and he’s not, tell her “He’s a great listener, but he’s shy, so ask questions.”

20. Get Him to Read Your Mind
If you’re stuck at a party and talking to someone you’d rather avoid, make eye contact with your guy, angle your lower body toward him, and put your hand on your hip. Those subtle maneuvers send the message to him to get you out of there, stat.

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21. The Dip and Kiss
Master this retro make-out move and your knees will go weak.
•Stand face-to-face.
•Put your arms around his shoulders, and have him put his left arm around your waist and his right arm around your upper back. He should pivot you slightly to his right and then dip you so that your back is almost parallel to the floor.
•Bend your knees to help you balance.

22. High-Five Like Pros
As you’re going for the high five, instead of looking at each other’s hands, focus on the other person’s elbow—it improves accuracy.

23. Co-host a V-Day-Themed Couples Party
Ask your paired-up friends to bring over a bottle of red wine and a box of chocolates. Then, do a vino-and-candy taste test to see which types go best together.

24. Play Hooky Together
Do it on a Wednesday morning (it’s less suspicious), and email your boss that you can’t come to work at least two and a half hours before you’re supposed to be at the office. That way, it doesn’t look like you just woke up and decided not to come in.

25. Shut Down Annoying Couple Questions
Next time someone asks you about when you’re setting a wedding date or having kids, silence them with this genius comeback: “When we know, you’ll know.” It stops the conversation with just enough snark to get your point across.

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