3 Ways To Blow His Mind This Summer

Make your bedroom sizzle by trying out these scorching moves on your guy this season.

1. Plan an intimate night in.

Send your guy an invite to a party--and the address is your place. Prep your pad with low lighting and don an uber hot number. Treat him to sexy snacks you can feed each other with your fingers, then cool down with glasses of champagne.

2. Sexily strip him down.

To make your guy feel the slow burn, undress him in a way that drives his desire way up. Don some lingerie, then sit him down and say "Don't touch yet." Remove his shirt and pull off his jeans, trailing your nails over his skin to shoot shivers through his body. When you don't think he can be restrained another second, let him at you.

3. Have middle-of-the-night nookie.

Next time you wake up in the middle of the night, instead of rolling over and drifting back to sleep, begin caressing your guy. Trace along his chest or spine, graze his neck and shoulders, and press into him with your body until he starts to stir. As he becomes more alert, amp up your touching and turn it into an impromptu sack session.

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