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3 Dating Tricks You Can Ace This Summer

Master these secrets for winning over a guy friend, acquaintance, or sexy stranger effortlessly!

How To Make A Guy Friend See You As A Possible Girlfriend

Take him out for a spicy dinner, like Mexican or Thai. The hot sensation triggers an unconscious personality association, so he'll see you as a fiery chick. Follow it up with ice cream--a lickable comfort food, especially when on a cone, sets up a seriously sexual subtext.

How To Approach A Hot Guy At A Party

Skip corny pickup lines like "What's your sign?" and instead say "So, what were you up to earlier tonight?" Instead of "Come here often?" ask "How did you find this place?" or "How do you know the host?" Avoid the cliched "Don't I know you?" and say "We've met before. Do you know [insert a random name]?" The key is to convince yourself you already know each other.

How To Catch A Guy's Sexual Attention Subliminally

As you chat with a new guy, let your gaze drop to his lips for three seconds, then drift back to his eyes. It'll register a powerful attraction cue in his brain.

Sources: Perry W. Buffington, PhD, author of Cheap Psychological Tricks, and Nicholas Boothman, author of How To Make People Like You In 90 Seconds Or Less

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