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3 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Love

Upping your intimacy and keeping the spark alive doesn't have to involve grand gestures.You can turn everyday activities into romance boosters.

The mark of a truly gifted girlfriend or wife? Turning routine tasks into romantic opportunities. If you've been with the same person for a long time, you get the benefits of familiarity and comfortability. But, this also means you've got to work to keep the passion flame burning. There are surprisingly simple ways to bring back the butterflies and start little rituals that can have a big impact on your relationship. Even busy schedules are no excuse to get lazy with your love! Here's a few practical ideas to get you started.

1. Caress Him In The Car.

When it's just you two in the car, reach over every so often to massage his neck or put your hand on his thigh. You don't have to talk or get too mushy. Small touches like these will deepen your connection, and you'll both start associating driving with couple-time, says Mark Goulston, MD, author of The Six Secrets Of A Lasting Relationship: How To Fall In Love Again—And Stay There.

2. Prepare Dinner Together.

"Food is an aphrodisiac, so use it in a playful way when you're both in the kitchen," says relationship therapist Audrey B. Chapman. For example, feed him little bites. Tasting the meal and watching each other consume it can be a very sensual bonding experience.

3. Surprise Him In Your Sleepwear.

Upgrade your shirt-and-shorts combo to seductive sleepwear like silky PJs. "Just having the sensual fabric on your skin will make you feel confident," says Eric Daman, stylist of the hit show Gossip Girl. You may want to take advantage of this newfound confidence and perform a striptease for your man. Then, finish off with a lap dance. He'll love how the silk fabric glides over his skin as you straddle him.

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