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3 Facts About GUY TALK

Men and women communicate differently, so it's important to understand how he thinks as he talks. Here's a quick primer.

1. They don't volley.

Men are more comfortable sitting in silence than women are, so if they don't have something specific to say or feel the need to elaborate, they'll clam up--leaving you to keep the conversation rolling. They may also do this when they're nervous, say, on dates, which can make you think they're uninterested.

2. They suppress stress.

Dudes aren't always good at processing their emotions out loud, especially if it's something negative, like fear. So, they compartmentalize what's bugging them and purposely avoid any topics that remind them of their pending problems. To be safe, avoid controversial subjects and try to gauge if he's feeling comfortable with the way the conversation is going.

3. They deny on instinct.

Guys' confidence depends on having the answers. If you bring up an issue they don't know how to fix, they'll often pretend it doesn't even exist--at least until they've had time to figure out what to do about it.

Sources: Cynthia Burggraf Torppa, PhD, assistant professor of family and consumer sciences at Ohio State University extension center at Lima; Steve Stephens, PhD. Reported by GinaRose Avveniri.

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