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3 Fun Ways To Boost Your Romance

Sorry, but watching Sherlock on the couch for the millionth night in a row doesn't count as a date. These unexpected ideas do.

1. Play movie roulette. Head to the theater and get tix for whatever flick is playing next. “Anything that’s spontaneous ups your sense of shared excitement,” says Patricia Love, EdD, co-author of How To Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It.

2. Treat him right. Take your man out for ice cream or some hot chocolate. It is inexpensive and a sweet (get it?) gesture. “When you do something to please your guy, he’ll start noticing other ways you show your appreciation,” says Love. “It puts you both in a happy mindset.”

3. Get schooled. Enroll in a cooking class, take up a sport, or pursue an interesting hobby like photography with him. “Putting a new lesson into practice reinforces your sense of being a team,” says Lori Gorshow, dating coach at Dating Made Simple, a company specializing on mature dating adults.

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