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3 Great Places To Find That Steamy Summer Fling columnist Bianca Valerio shares the best ways for you to expand your dating horizons this summer!

Just this year, summer arrived earlier than expected! As we enter the season of "summer flings," we ask ourselves: Why has this sneaky rendezvous become a must-have for the wild at heart?

For one, when the heat is scorching, hormones go haywire, too, due to the release of more serotonin and melatonin (your two happy hormones). When this happens, we become more open to new experiences in the name of having fun! Hey, why not? If you're interested in finding a steamy summer romance for yourself, here are some places where you just might get lucky:

1. Vacation

You don't need to fly a million miles to find a fling or two! Just journey far enough to keep the gossip from reaching your neck of the woods! But, chances are, venturing to a new place can make you feel freer and allow you to let loose while away from your usual group of friends and family.

2. Summer Job

Earning extra income over the summer can earn you potential love, as well! Whether you enter the fling circuit for a short summer stint or for the hopeful long run, you'll never know just who you might meet during "business hours..."

3. New Cliques

During school or work days, we often hang out with the same people. So, why not try hanging out with a new set of friends this summer? Meet new peeps through friends of trusted friends, as you more or less now the type of friends they may have, as well. This not only expands your network, it also gives you endless possibilities for summer romance!

There is an infinite number of places to find new romances--from online dating, to volunteer work, student exchange programs, internships, and more. But, these are the top three places where a summer fling is just a few stolen kisses away!

It's okay to let loose once in a while, as long as you know what you're in for, what the consequences are, and that no one will get hurt (cheating is a no-no, ladies!). You're a big girl, so keep the fling light and fun, and keep those deeper feelings at bay! Just enjoy the ride! Who knows? What starts off as a summer fling could even be the beginning of the "real thing..." (But, don't always count on it.)

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