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3 Important Facts For Girls On The Prowl

Looking to meet a hot new man at a bar? Heed our advice so you can reel that studly stranger in!

1. The Attitude They Can't Resist

Women often find they're approached by guys more often when they're in a relationship than when single. Why? People who are in love have high levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with a good mood and sociability--qualities that attract men. Luckily, you can also boost dopamine by doing novel things. Try a new activity (cooking classes, wakeboarding), sample bars in a different area, or go on a road trip.

2. The Best Way To Approach A Guy In A Group

When it comes to infiltrating a bunch of guys, size matters. Packs of six or more are the easiest to crack because members often get lost on the fringe, explains Donelson Forsyth, PhD, author of Group Dynamics. Smaller groups tend to be tightly bonded and, as such, harder to bust. "Men by nature are hierarchal," says Forsyth. "Whenever they're clustered together, a pecking order is established." The alpha male (usually the most attractive or dominant guy--i.e., the one you're probably eyeing) is at the center of the pack and, therefore, the toughest to get to.

To gain access, play to his minions. According to Forsyth, a "no women allowed" component typically exists in male groups, whether the guys are aware of it or not. If they think you're trying to snag their alpha, they'll ignore or even harass you. So, chat up guys on the periphery, since their reaction influences the alpha's opinion of you. Laugh at jokes, smile, and orient your body toward whoever is speaking. It may take some effort, but you'll work your way toward the man in the middle.

3. Draw Him In From 20 Feet Away

You should just catch his eye and smile, right? Wrong! Guys often construe a smile as merely friendly, not flirtatious. In fact, a study found that people have a much harder time detecting when a woman is interested in a man, as opposed to when a man is interested in a woman, because the fairer sex tends to be too subtle.

So, if you want to capture a guy's attention, body-language expert Patti Wood, author of Success Signals, recommends raising your eyebrows for a moment--this opens your eyes widely to make him notice you. Then, make eye contact, smile, and look away. Later on, tilt your head to the side, lower your chin, and coyly peer at him once more. "This is a very strong series of cues that says, 'I'm attracted to you,'" explains Wood.

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