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3 Phrases Guaranteed To Win Over Your New Man

Are you greeting 2010 with a new guy in mind? Make him yours this year by dishing these lines!

If you want that new guy you’ve been seeing to be yours in 2010--and stay with you for the entire year and longer--here are three lines you should bust out to win him over completely.

1. “That’s hilarious!”

When a dude is trying to impress you, he’ll crack jokes to ease tension and show off his personality. Telling him that you dig his sense of humor will help him relax. It means even more to him than simply hearing you laugh (though of course, he wants that, too), because it reassures him that your chuckle is genuine.

2. “Let’s eat Italian tonight.”

Men crave a chick who expresses her opinions. So, when he asks what you want to do, don’t respond with “Ikaw? Kahit ano.” Instead, suggest something you’re in the mood for. Worried he won’t be into it? Present a few options, and have him choose his favorite.

3. “You really get me.”

When you feel like a guy is connecting with you, tell him. Men often don’t pick up on the subtle signals you send and wind up stressing about whether you like them. Vocalizing that he understands you boosts his confidence and lets him know that you’re bonding.

Sources: Susan Campbell, PhD, author of Saying What’s Real; Herb Goldberg, PhD, author of What Men Still Don’t Know about Women, Relationships, and Love

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