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3 Sexy Make-Up-With-Him Moves

LQs are no fun especially when you're on vacation. Get on his good side again with these sweet and sensual tricks.

Breaking the ice after an LQ can be tricky. To help get you back in the bliss zone when it's over, Anthony E. Wolf, PhD, author of Why Can't You Shut Up?, offers three totally easy tricks you can try in the bedroom that will have you making up in no time:

1. Grant him one wish. A playful peace offering will put him in positive mode. Tell him that you'll make his greatest fantasy come true...then ask him to do the same for you afterward.

2. Give him a yummy treat. Get back on his good side by making his favorite food. Cook him a romantic dinner or plan a fancy night out for two. Then, suggest that you rush back home for dessert in bed.

3. Zip it. You both probably said hurtful things during the fight, so give yourselves time to adjust by enjoying the silence. Reconnect by taking a hot bath together or slow dancing sans talking. When you feel comfortable, exchange soft caresses and kiss him gently to let him know that you're ready to be intimate again.

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