3 Signs He's Falling For You

Are you dying to know just how hooked he is? These behaviors signal that he's starting to take the relationship seriously.

He starts talking in specifics. 

If “We should take a trip sometime” has become “Let’s go to Boracay for Halloween,” your guy is sending a strong signal. Making concrete plans indicates not only that he sees you in his future, but also that he’s feeling brave enough to say it out loud.

He acts like Dr. Phil.

When you’re bummed, listen to how your guy reacts. If he helps you talk through the problem, he’s showing that he is invested in you and concerned about what happens. But, beware of remarks like “It will work out” or “Give it time.” They’re pat and clichéd, which might mean he doesn’t care enough to discuss it.

He introduces you to his boss.

You may not have hung out with his parents (yet), but meeting his mentor is a big step. He values how his higher-up views him, so he won’t bring a girl around until he’s sure she’s more than a casual fling.

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Sources: Paul Dobransky, MD, author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love; Les Parrott, PhD, author of Trading Places

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