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3 Strange Signs He Likes You

The new guy you've been seeing is giving you weird signals--and you don't have a clue what they mean! Watch for behaviors that actually say he's into you.

In the early stages of dating, guys often send mixed messages. It may seem like his tendency to boast or his hesitation to treat you like more than a friend is a bad sign. But, in fact, those can be clear clues that he's hooked. Watch for these three weird ways he could actually be saying, "I'm so into you."

1. He won't make a move.
You look damn hot, so what gives? Chances are, his nerves are to blame. Even if you've already kissed, taking things further is intimidating. He wants to wow you and is afraid that if he screws up, you'll be turned off for good. It's also possible he's holding back to prove you're not just a hook-up.

2. He brags non-stop. To show he's worthy, a guy who's into you may go on and on about how awesome he is. Cut through his cocky act by shifting the convo to one of your own passions, like a hobby. If he asks lots of questions, you'll know he was only trying to impress you.

3. He acts like just a pal. If a dude treats you like one of the guys, you may wonder if you're falling into the friendship trap. But, many men work the buddy angle to get closer to you. All he needs is a little
encouragement (like flirtatiously touching his arm) and he should reveal his romantic feelings.

Sources: William July, PhD, author of Confessions of an Ex-Bachelor; dating coach Nancy Slotnic

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