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3 Convo Topics To Avoid On Dates

Got a hot date lined up for the upcoming Labor Day weekend? Just remember to steer clear of these subjects when you chat him up.

1. How His Job Is Going

Talking about his nine-to-five gig is not relaxing. Since he's out with you to have a good time, don't spoil the night by reminding him of the stresses waiting for him when the weekend is over.

2. His Cash Flow

Money talk stresses many men out. Avoid talking about salaries, expenses, or debts; they're sure turn-offs even for the most money-savvy guy. Instead, focus on lighter conversation points, like your interests or common friends.

3. Your Friends' Relationships

If you talk too much about the love lives of your close pals, you'll make him feel that he has to live up to their example. Don't jump the gun by bringing up relationship issues--you may scare him off before he even gets the chance to know you.

Source: Relationship expert Janice Levine, PhD

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