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3 Touchy Topics You Need To Discuss With Him Before Getting Married

He deserves to know.

Apart from choosing the date, venue, and caterer for your wedding day, there are other deeper issues you need to discuss with your fiancé. While money matters and child-rearing are top priorities, you and your man should talk about other touchy situations that may impact your marriage. This is the perfect time to be totally transparent with your life partner. We list down the hot issues below.

Your past

Have you told him about any negative or positive experience from your past that had a significant effect on your life? Your history can impact your marriage’s future. Allow him to be part of it and move forward as a couple. 

Also under this topic are exes. Are you still communicating with your respective old flames? If you're not comforatble with him occassionally chatting with his high school sweetheart on Facebook, then you better speak up now.

Family obligations

How will you celebrate the holidays? Do you plan to spend Christmas at your folks' house, and New Year’s Day with his family? Things as simple as these can spike arguments in the future. Lay all the cards down in terms of your financial obligations on each side. Are you okay with alloting a certain percentage of his salary to his parents?

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Division of household labor
When it’s just the two of you at home, hiring a helper may mean an unnecessary expense, so it’s only practical that you two discuss the division of house chores. If you really loathe washing the dishes, compromise that you’ll be in charge of cooking and table cleanup. If your man hates doing the laundry, volunteer to wash the clothes and ask him to be in charge of the clothesline. This way, you won’t hate each other, while maintaining the upkeep of your love nest.

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