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3 Ultra-Subtle Ways to Turn Him On

Oh, just a few harmless little moves that play dirty with his mind.

1. Wear Red
Previous research has proven that men think it’s the sexiest hue, and a study from the University of Rochester reveals why. As it turns out, the male volunteers rated a woman as more open to having sex when she was wearing that color.

2. Bare Your Shoulders
Apparently, they’re just as suggestive as cleavage. One look and men think boobs!  It has to do with your shoulders’ curved shape—it subconsciously reminds men of breasts (and their proximity to your chest doesn’t hurt either).
3. Step Out in Stilettos
It’s not (necessarily) because he has a foot fetish. The area of his brain that communicates with his package is right next to the one that deals with feet. As a result, these regions share a neural cross talk, which is why a sexy pair can trigger dirty thoughts.

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