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3 Ways To Curb His Barkada's Influence

If your guy is easily coerced by his pals into doing dumb things and leaving you out of the picture, here's how to get your voice of reason heard.

1. Time It Right

Don’t confront him about his priorities when he's stumbling in at 2AM. You're fired up, but "you're more likely to make your point when you're calmer," says psychologist Morley D. Glicken, PhD, author of Ending the Sex Wars. Wait at least until breakfast.

2. Have "Couples" Night Gimiks

Have your boyfriend choose which of his coupled-up friends you can invite for dinner—with their girlfriends. "It's a way for him to transition out of that guys-only mentality and see that he can get the best of both worlds: you and his friends," says Glicken.

3. Don't Slam His Pals

If he feels his barkada is off-limits, he'll idealize them. "Ask pragmatic questions instead," says Glicken. If he's torn between a guys' getaway or one with you, ask "How do you want to spend your vacation budget for the year?" This way, he'll own up to his decision and can't complain about how you just made him pilit.

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