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3 Ways To Enjoy Quiet Moments With Your Man

Girls are often seen as the more talkative sex, but there are a few ways you can connect with your guy without saying a word.

1. Don't state (and then restate) the obvious.

Watching the sun set with your guy doesn't require you to provide a running commentary. Sure, it's beautiful, but saying to him "Isn't it so beautiful, hon?” really exhausts the point.

2. Stay in the moment.

Breathe deeply a few times and take a mental snapshot of the setting that surrounds you, instead of trying to express it. If you're in a constant state of chatter, the reality is that you're not really taking it in.

3. Give your guy a chance to speak up.

When you want to know what he's thinking, give him some room to say what's on his mind. He's more likely to talk if you're not constantly interrupting him, because that just annoys him.

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