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3 Ways To Get Him To Be SWEET--AGAIN

When he was courting you, your guy was so sweet; but now, the tenderness seems to have waned. Get back the affection you crave with these tips.

1. Customize His Skill Set

"Men often don't intuitively know how to make you feel cared for," says Barton Goldsmith, PhD, author of Emotional Fitness for Couples. So tell him you need a neck rub or an empathic ear. Then encourage the behavior by saying "Thanks, I needed that."

2. Recall A Love Moment

For instance, ask if he remembers the way you guys hung out in bed on your birthday. "Then draw his attention to what you liked most about that day," says Goldsmith. "Your reminder takes him back mentally, and the compliment makes him think, I want to do that for her again."

3. Treat Him Tenderly Too

Turn tasks into opportunities to lavish attention on each other. One idea: Rub each other down in the shower twice a week. "You set aside time for him to pamper you and create the intimacy he needs to reveal his soft side more often," says Goldsmith.

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