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3 Ways To Get His Attention

If you think he's worth the trouble, use one of these tips to lure him back on the dating track.

1. Seem Kinda Into Him.

Send this short email: “I’m getting dinner with friends in your area. You around for a quick drink beforehand?” Translation: You are open to seeing him, but aren’t about to devote a night to it.

2. Make It A No-Brainer. 

Come up with the plan and invite him. Think of a group activity you know he’ll be into, so you can hang without the pressures of a formal date.

3. Be Extra Intriguing On Facebook.

Use Facebook to flaunt the cool stuff you’re up to. If you’ve been traveling, post pictures from your adventures. He’ll be eager to get in on the fun you’re so obviously having.

SOURCES: William July, PHD, author of Confessions Of An Ex-Bachelor; Suzanne Lopez, author of Get Smart With Your Heart

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