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3 Ways To Know It's Just A Summer Fling For Him

So you've met a hot new dude, and everything's so perfect, you're sure this is it! Find out if the passion is made to last--or will soon fizzle out like a bonfire.

1. There’s no June. If your new guy is tentative about discussing the future (as in, post-summer), he may consider your situation to be strictly casual. That said, most budding relationships focus on the present rather than the future, because you’re both figuring out if it’s worth pursuing. So don’t read too much into this one sign.

2. What friends? You and your new love are an island. You haven’t met each other’s social circle, and for now, you’re cool with that. Yes, you have him all to yourself--great! But from a man’s standpoint, sequestering you makes it very convenient for him to terminate your affair when it reaches its expiration date, which he may have pre-determined.

3. It’s a one-track bond. Let’s just say you wouldn’t classify your current union as a meeting of the minds. In fact, while you totally dig each other’s action between the sheets, you rarely connect when your clothes are on. This affair will burn fast and bright, so enjoy your lusty tryst. Just don’t mistake hot sex for a growing romance if it’s clear that your chemistry is all about the booty.

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