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3 Ways to Make Guys Listen

Try using these super easy tactics and he'll be all ears.

1. Avoid distractions.
That means don’t tell him anything important when he’s texting, cooking, whatever. The bridge that communicates between the two hemispheres in his brain is smaller than it is in a woman’s, so it can’t handle as much thought traffic—which means dudes have a harder time multitasking.

2. Ask for his opinion.
Whenever you start a convo by asking for his input, his brain automatically flags it as important, triggering him to listen carefully. So tell him, “I need your take on something,” and then say whatever it is you were going to say. You’ll have his undivided attention (and yes, you’ll get his opinion too...but by engaging him, you’re causing the info to stick).

3. Get to the point.
Researchers found that the vibration of women’s voices are more complex for men to hear, so dudes end up using the part of the brain that interprets music. Translation: You have to be direct, since he may be at a biological disadvantage when it comes to listening—and processing—what you say.

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