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3 Ways To Revive Your Romance

Sometimes, a long-term relationship can get stale. Here are simple ways to keep the kilig alive and the passion flowing.

When you and your guy begin to get "comfortable" in a relationship, there are benefits--like knowing each other in and out and establishing a routine that just works. But, there are also disadvantages--the spontaneity and flaming passion may begin to slowly fizzle out. But, a Cosmo chick need not fret: We've listed a few ways to reboot your romance. These seemingly easy fixes can actually work wonders for your twosome.

1. Prioritize Puckering Up

"Kissing your guy often devolves into a quick peck," says Sabina Dosani, MD, coauthor of Re-Energize Your Relationship. So give him a passionate kiss when you see him after work or smooch somewhere semi-public. It will build the sexual tension that you used to have.

2. Give Routine A Rest

"Make the time you're together but not really doing anything intimate instead of zoned out," says Susan Page, author of Why Talking Is Not Enough. Ban DVDs and errands for the day. Make dinner together side by side. Another idea: "Read him a short story during a long drive," says Page.

3. Get Out In The World

Since twosomes tend to nest at home, you stop seeing some of what first drew you to your guy, says Dr. Dosani. Schedule a double date or invite people over. Watching him charm others or tell a killer joke stirs up early days-style adoration.

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