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3 Ways To Stay Close When You're Apart

It's hard to maintain a relationship when you're both busy with your own lives, but these tricks will help you keep the spark alive.

1. Leave little notes. If your guy is heading out of town, pack a few notes in his suitcase that tell him how you can't wait for his return, says psychiatrist Paul Dobransky, author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love. "Each note reinforces your connection, and finding them will be a sweet surprise for him," explains Dr. Dobransky.

2. Make a personal playlist. Create identical playlists on each of your iPods, and come up with a cute name for it that both of you can relate to. Include tunes he loves and ones that resonate with you two as a couple. Listening to them when you're apart will help maintain your emotional bond, and keep him thinking about you.

3. Get him a goofy present. After visiting family, give him something sentimental, like a childhood photo. "If it's specific to him, it'll make him feel closer to you," explains Jackie Black, PhD, author of Meeting Your Match. If he's away, send him a "Baby, I miss you" care package with cookies and a card.

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