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3 Ways To Tap His Romantic Side

If you feel like the spark is starting to fizzle, give your guy a little push in the right direction with these tips.

Feel like your man isn't paying you the attention you deserve? Guys can be just as clueless as we are when it comes to the mysteries of the opposite sex, so the best way to let him know what you need is to tell him. Here are three things you can do to trigger his more caring and malambing side.

1. Ask For It

"Men want to please you, but they need to be told what that entails," says Ellen Kriedman, PhD, author of The 10-Second Kiss. So, be specific with your requests (say, "I love when you rub my feet" after a long day of strutting in high heels) and he'll deliver.

2. Set The Mood

Light candles or pour him some wine. "Any...change will literally change his psychology and get him in a more romantic mindset," says Allen Berger, PhD, author of Love Secrets Revealed. The cozier ambiance is bound to put you in the mood, too!

3. Feed Him

The way to his heart really is through his stomach. "When he's satisfied after a meal, he drops into a mellow place," says Berger. Whip up a special bite, then enjoy his instantly gentler vibe.

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